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Philippa Schuyler Major Steelpan Ensemble Shines at “A Night of Music” Concert

Philippa Schuyler Major Steelpan Ensemble Shines at “A Night of Music” Concert
Philippa Schuyler Middle School Major Steelpan Ensemble after the concert

New York, U.S.A. - There is absolutely no doubt that child prodigy, genius, humanitarian and uncommon beauty Philippa Schuyler would have been proud of the young people who performed at the “A Night of Music” concert. It unfolded at the school bearing her name and dedicated to honor her - Philippa Schuyler Middle School For the Gifted and Talented.

On this cool Spring evening in Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York, Philippa Schuyler Major Steelpan Ensemble and Major Chorus showcased their talents to all gathered: their parents, teachers and community. Under the leadership and vision of program director, educator and panist Nyasha Rhoden the steelpan instrument and artform have taken root in both the academic and performing arts lives of those students, the school and wider community.
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Very proud of you Nyasha Rhoden.


I could not help the rush of pride from knowing that T&T has given the world  THE GIFT OF PAN that has so positively affected the lives of people HERE and all over the world.
Then the feeling of disappointment that we have not been able to re-imagine, re-invent and re-organise PAN to make T&T the 'mecca' for PAN MUSIC, PAN DEVELOPMENT, PAN TOURISM, PAN INDUSTRY, and instead is wasting our creative energy bickering over trifles.
We have the brains to take up the task. Here's one suggestion to kickstart the conversation for change.
Start the discussions in the classes (students and teachers) the bright young minds studying at UWI and UTT and in the bands they come from, and involve the diaspora too. We need the cross-fertilization of ideas.


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