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Lets see who can pick the top 5 in both Medium and Large from the semis tomorrow.

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According to a former executive member of Pan Trinbago whose band failed to leave their yard after the first round of adjudication, this is an exercise in futility, as The President of Pan Trinbago instructs the judges on who places where and in what position.

If I were to believe what the gentleman shared in the public domain, it may be more profitable to invest a few dollars in a game of "3 Cards" on the sidewalk opposite the old Princes Building (NAPA).

Russel 3 days ago a poster said that Panorama 2018 is rigged so the Gov't Band win, this morning I was told that the Gov't Band is SKIFFLE, and today we see they got sponsored by Caribbean Airlines, so some more that the pissle could be in the morter.......

Boi you really believe Skiffle go beat Phase ll?

1.  Skiffle

2.  Phase II

3. Renegades

4. All Stars

5. Desperadoes

Cecil: So early in the morning ah forget PHASE II and how much I liked the music until Mercer make me listen to SKIFFLE with the JET ENGINE behind them now.

What' with this Sniffle garbage .They wouldn't  even come in the first five when the chips fall in the big yard

Top 5 aside...no band has the requisite quality to overtake Renegades...Everybodyelse fighting for second place...

That Jit  formula is dead.They will flatter to decieve

Clearly you haven't been paying attention...

How yuh going, sah?
A little while back (after the Prelims) you stated emphatically, "Renegades by a mile".

And I agree, absolutely!
Know one ting, eh? When you speak, I duz listen...  :-)

Not only do I find Renegades' arrangement and interpretation enjoyable but I think it relates exceedingly well to the essence of the tune. In other words, Renegades is on point. Again!
And this has to make other arrangers helplessly uneasy.

The judges will get it right this year...."By a mile"!! :-)

Dr. Delight...good to hear you sah...I too hope that the judges indeed get it right this year...Since they failed oh so miserably last year...Mind you I am no Renegades diehard supporter...far far from being one too...but I know quality music when I hear it...Duvonne is not the only arranger doing quality work this year...but he is definitely a few steps ahead of the rest, some of whom are simply repainting old beaten vehicles and calling them new...

merrytones, I will say that mile is a short one, Despers commin down.


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