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The new Minister of Culture finally shows up and cuts the Carnival Budget by $44 MILLION. Cecil Hinkson never listens to me!!!


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...Last year, the NCC received over $314 million in funding with a significant amount going toward debts from the 2014 festival.

Out of that funding, the National Carnival Bandleaders Association received $14 million, Pan Trinbago received $34.2 million and the Trinbago Unified Calypsonians Organisation received $10.8 million. 

This year Pan Trinbago will receive $30 million in funding while the other two Carnival stakeholders will see funding reduced by approximately $2 million. Heads of Carnival organisations did not return repeated calls yesterday...

well we have to learn that it cannot be always business as usual- cut the frico

 reality is a bitter pill to swallow

 lat minute  cries may be heard for political gain

 it is not  pnm it is the gortt


Nah, it's not PNM, it is the Government. Is that the Democrats or the Republicans?

It is the government, and not the PNM! How much of last year's funding was debt funded by the UNC?

My guess is Pan Trinbago has no outstanding debts from  2015 Panorama and the IPC, the $4.2 million difference can be made up with the Greens money and gate receipts. Bands can expect same amount in Prize monies and pan men and women will be paid in a timely manner???

No big deal here. We go play we mas, if we could afford the floss to put 'rong we waist. Ent?

patrick we cutting back, next year we leaving out the floss.

Steups! Everything in our beloved T&T must be politicized. the PNM did not cut anything. Sorry, they did cut the price of oil and gas! We are a people that will take to the last drop and then blame someone else for nothing being left!

David: The Trinidad electorate chose to CHANGE HORSES IN MIDSTREAM and I can guarantee that the WHOLE NATION (some more than others) will suffer TERRIBLY over the next three years for that shortsightedness.

It should be obvious to everyone that since the T&T economy is based primarily on the energy sector, fluctuations in oil prices would affect the budget , regardless of political party in power.

Anyone checked the price of heating oil or gas lately?

It would seem that the country's income may have been badly affected, forcing budget cuts..

Actually , though I think that this is counterproductive.

With shrinking oil prices , now should be the time to invest in the entertainment sector , out of necessity.

With energy on the decline , I believe that investing in the culture can create a major financial asset.

The previous Govt. left the nation holding an empty bag, the nation right now is in a recession, so it stands to reason that cuts would have to be made, that it's not business as usual. For anyone who doesn't understand what is really happening with the nation's finances and want the same amount of funding for carnival as in previous years, has to be one whose only interest in the nation is carnival. The hospitals are "killing fields" and are in dire need of rebuilding, so, in my humble view, give more funding to the health of the nation. 

How Could this Be? In Three Months this Government Claims that the Treasury is Nearly Empty. This is a Farce.  They Came in With No Plans but to Cut Costs of things that they Feel has Been Oversubscribed. That's All. They Dont Want to Spend. Its easy to Blame the Other Government for their Short Falls. That's what New Administrations always do. Its a Farce. They Lying. Do they want to Tell the People of Sweet T&T that our Country was Running on Fumes? This is a Big Joke.


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