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Pool for Pan - Trinidad government gives thumbs up!

Minister says their concerns have been answered. 

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The pool is in place already, Diaz did not need a thumbs up from the government. I don't see how a party away from the actual pan activity could encourage young people to like pan, young people will show up whenever they could drink and have a good time. I wonder if the Minister is aware that the world is hearing him talk dumb.

Splash-O-Rama is a go Cecil. Do you think Diaz and Kamala are going to take a dip in the pool?


Not to sure about the pool Bugs but the "spoils" sure dey go take ah lil kakadah.

Cecil, the minister is giving it a try. He says he'll check it out himself. Who knows whether it'll be a success or not? BTW Young ppl are not interested in pan, especially for nine months of the year, and that may be never, were it not for the monies that gov't gives 'em..

Seems like we need a Cultural Minister to replace MR Douglas, one who is more Versed in his type of work since he stated that, "They (Pan Trinbago) are more versed in these things than I am and my concerns have been answered in that way,” unstated. You may need to step down as Minister of Culture because everything that Pan Trinbago do will be more Versed than you (Think about it MR Douglas, Minister of Culture, you are in the Wrong job)

Is Dr. Lincoln Douglas for real? How does "activities like the pool, bring attention to the pan"? Isn't that the same argument used for having half-naked women twerk in music videos; to "bring attention"? If that is true, then after the "Pan Splash", we should see a spike in "young people" joining steelbands, and playing in next years Panorama. The FACT is, the "young people" who will be attending the "Pan Splash" will NEVER be interested in pan, especially now that they have a pool party of their own. What kind of "intelligence" do these people in leadership positions possess? (I must be too smart for my own good, or something, but I just do not follow their line of argument.)

The reality is steelband is a "niche market"; even in, and probably ESPECIALLY in, Trinidad and Tobago. Trinidad and Tobago just do not respect our steelband culture. PERIOD. The society will ALWAYS view it as "lower class". The ONLY reason for the "Pan Splash" is to continue the financial lining of the pockets of a select few "businessmen", some of whom have infiltrated the steelbands and their representative body. (Tell them the "Ghost" said so. lol.) Obviously, Dr. Douglas has his own agenda(s), political and/or otherwise. I say that under thae assumption that he is an "intelligent" man; for his statement is far from being "intelligent". (At least, according to my standards.)

Finally, I again call for a mass boycott of Panorama; not just in attendance, but in viewing. Too many claim to be offended by certain actions of Pan Trinbago, yet continue to support them, by attending, listening to live streams, and so on. We MUST become more principled; willing to sacrifice recreation for revolution, i.e. change. Change will not come about by doing the same things. (Einstein.) For two years, I have exhaustively called out to the steelband fraternity, to join with me and my team, in coming to the defense of our culture (steelband) and "National Instrument". I saw all of this developing, and now, we ALL witness the final phase of the destruction of the steelbands. As the Minister who represents the steelbands, Dr. Lincoln Thomas, by his words, has proven that he is not someone who represents the masses of members of the steelbands of Trinidad and Tobago.

WE, THE PAN PEOPLE need to develop our own pedagogy; and become autonomous, or independent from both the government and private sector. We need to privatize; become business that generate our own revenue. Each and every steelband. NO SPONSORSHIP! Existing "sponsors" can become "advertising clients"; as we advertize their companies' logos, products and services. As start-up companies, we go for business loans like any other company. We run operations like a business. We form a union, and hold our own events, not just during Carnival time. In fact, maybe, we boycott Carnival altogether for a couple of years. Let them have it; they do not want us in it.

We hold our own festivals, competitions, and other events. We develop business plans and projects, and employ 21st century marketing techniques, as we "sell" to our niche market. We work with our international peers; probably form alliances with the unions in other countries, where we trade our products and services between each other. We form a huge lobby, and move in on government. We MUST be involved in the political process, where our collective requests/demands have to be considered, because of our "political clout". We need to grow up; to mature to an adult state of business acumen.

It is a shame, that all these beautiful (mianly) young panmen and panwomen of Trinidad and Tobago, "bussin' dey arse" in preparation of their BIGGEST NIGHT, only to be disrespected with an attachment - Pan Splash on De Greens - that has become the MAIN EVENT! Panorama, with the steelbands playing on "jumbotrons", is the sideshow. So, let the sideshow begin...

Ghost. Same philosophy; different attitude.

Ghost, That's DR Lincoln Douglas not "Thomas", we need everybody to know when they see the name DR Lincoln Douglas Minister of Culture of Trinidad & Tobago is someone that knows nothing bout the Trinidad Culture "Steelband", he is in the wrong Position and he needs to be removed. They always say to start from the Top, well Mr Douglas you prove that to be right, (like they say. everything comes out in the wash, and we thank you for showing us the way)

Not sure I agree with the boycotting of the Panorama by the spectators. That will only serve to even further disadvantage the pan players.

But I certainly agree and have long advocated for the panmen to form their own association or union to represent their interests.

Already many steelbands are legal entities so no sense in preaching that again and sponsorship, although it tends to place the bands in a 'have and have-not' situation, it has saved many a pan side and, correctly exploited, can be very beneficial to the pan players.

But an association that actually seeks sponsorship, support (financial and otherwise), stage competitions and concerts etc. would be of tremendous benefit if we could get it to work for the many instead of being the fiefdom for the few as is usual in this land of one day wonders.

Only a fool would want to put a pool in the panorama.......

But wait these fools put people in job they were not qualified for......

Diaz was never a bright boy....But he can be easily mislead......

Sorry for these fools, history will not speak well of them.....

and the show goes on next year will be something added on like a sandy beach and surfing

Controversy around pan,,, AGAIN! Well this time it's the pool party.

My views on the subject: If they want to have a Greens and a Pool Party, fine. Away from the stage area, fine. Not sure then what it has to do with pan or Panorama.

Minister of Arts etc. and Pan Trinbago head honcho have stated that it will bring the youngsters into the pan. Can't see that happening if it's away from the pan in the first place. That could only serve to alienate the youth from the pan. You don't cause someone to become interested in something by keeping them away from the very thing, except in the limited sense of people retaliating against an order by not obeying it, just to show their independence, like a wayward child or a spoilt brat.

So the only thing that will be accomplished is that people will take the opportunity to have a party at the savannah at the same time that pan is being played in competition, just to say there were there.

Which is what is happening with the pool. Now a private entity is piggy-backing off the Panorama to earn money off the event by placing a pool in the party area, again away from the pan.

The only result of this will certainly not be beneficial to pan since it will probably be a couple of drownings. Oh sure they will have life guards but this in not like at the beach or even at cricket. This will be full of people drinking heavily for hours on end and lifeguards or not it will be aver dangerous situation to police. How on earth can PT become involved in something like this especially if as reported, 'Pan Trinbago will be taking care of the security' thereby exposing themselves to liability if something untoward occurs.

Since this is a private enterprise, how much is PT making from it and will it be a guaranteed income stream regardless of whether anyone actually pays to use it. In other words, is it risk-free income that would be applied to the Panorama itself and the remuneration of the players that made it possible?

Maybe more questions than answers at this time.

All the bright people on WST forum, the citizens of TT are fed-up with the Govt giving PanTrinbago $40M Tax Payers monies every year to run their panorama show. IT IS TIME PANORAMA IS SELF-SUFFICIENT?

Pan Trinbago recognize that their subventions would be decreasing in the near future and they are experimenting with ways to generate revenues.

All the comments I am reading are opposing for opposing sake WHAT ARE SOME SOLUTIONS for Pan Trinbago to generate revenues to be self-sufficient in the future?


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