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Prelim Panorama 2011 perfomances & more - Trinidad and Tobago

Prelim Panorama 2011 perfomances & more - Trinidad and Tobago

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This is going to be an interesting panorama



I agree
Interesting is an understatement. I CAN'T WAIT!!! LOL
Yo Pan Times!!!, you guys/gyals are on the ball!!!! Kudos to you putting Pan things on our finger tips...easy access and all.... you guys have stock? I want to invest... I can foresee big things in the future where you are concerned.... how can i get in touch with you??? are you hiring???? I am a "rookie" but I am eager to learn!!!!!
The bands sounding good.  Did I hear Silver Stars without an Introduction?
Yes you did Rony Perry but they don't need one since there is no qualifying judgement for the prelims in the large category......
This is great but what about the other categories; Medium, Small and Single Pan Bands? I think they deserve the same amount of recognition.

Hi Khari,

You raise a very good point.  We at When Steel Talks would love to promote all aspects of pan during the Trinidad and Tobago panorama season.  Unfortunately there things that are simply beyond our control.  Having said that, maybe it is time for the small, medium and single pan bands to organize a means or situation where performance footage on all levels could be captured professionally and or made available in a timely fashion.


When Steel Talks remains committed to the promotion of all levels of the steelpan music art forms without bias.

Ok thanks for the reply. Will find out more about the situation and see what can be done.
I spoke to an official from Pan Trinbago. They said that video recordings will be made for all categories for the final round of the competition. However, if a band wants to do their own recording the band has to send in a request.

Back in 2003, one of our management team members from our Production wing – Basement Recordings - visited Pan Trinbago’s offices and sat down face-to-face with then-president Patrick Arnold, and put forward to him a proposal to produce a full professional audio and video production for the 2003 Panorama final night competition.


For 2003 the Trinidad & Tobago steel orchestras would have had state-of-the-art CDs and DVDs produced, and because of our close association with Yamaha Corporation of America, the event would have been captured with equipment not accessble to the average production company.  It would have been only the second Panorama ever to have DVDs produced.  The first Panorama DVD was done two years prior by Basement Recordings for the 2001 New York USSA Panorama.


Mr. Arnold - and by extension Pan Trinbago - was told that there would be no production cost - at all - for Basement Recordings’ work for either the CDs or DVDs.   All he would be responsible for, to make that production of DVDs and CDs happen in 2003, was arrange for the return airfare of the seven audio engineers and technicians, and six video & camera engineers – thirteen people in all, to travel from New York to Trinidad, and accommodations for this  thirteen-member crew.  They were all prepared and set to fly in on the Friday immediately before Panorama.  They were to capture the DVD footage and CD audio of all the bands on the Saturday night at the finals, and would return to New York immediately on the Sunday.  


The DVDs and CDs masters would have been delivered to Pan Trinbago by the following Wednesday (Ash Wednesday) for their replication for sale.  Again, all of this was going to be done free of charge by Basement Recordings.  Why?  Simply as a tribute to all the pan men and women of Trinidad & Tobago, who we felt deserved a quality production that captured the essence of their musical genius, and in recognition to their dedication to the art form.


When Steel Talks/Basement Recordings never received a response from Pan Trinbago to this offer.



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