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Questions over delay in naming Internet Carnival rights bid winner

Companies vying for the right to broadcast Carnival 2014 via the Internet are questioning the National Carnival Commission’s (NCC) three-month delay in naming who has been awarded a bid. Writer, producer and director Danielle Dieffenthaller, in an interview with the T&T Guardian yesterday, said it was disrespectful “to say the least” that the NCC has at least not explained what was the delay.


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The not ready for "Prime Time" players staring again.


I think maybe they are waiting to see, who will offer them the biggest kickback.Make no mistake about it,the dollar is the operative word.

Anytime is Trinidad time. 

Dr Lincoln Douglas, Minister of the Arts & Multiculturalism you brought it an open policy when you took over from Gypsy - Tax Payers dollars are not being accounted for by these predators - Soca Monarch, Chutney Soca Monarch, TUCO, Pan Trinbago, NCC

Who gave the NCC all this power by not awarded the right to broadcast Carnival 2014 in a timely order, today is the 4th Feb 2014 when these bids will be awarded?????????????????????????? NCC!!!!!!!

Just tried to send an E-mail to NCC - and it came back as undeliverable - apparently their contact information does not work. gosh, am i surprised?  not.


I won't doubt that  the contract went to the company that did not bid, that's how they roll in the Mecca.

Long Road to that TEN BILLION DOLLARS a year like the NFL!!!

My T & T. what's new . presently everything is upside down 


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