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CASYM Wins NY Panorama - Results - New York 2013 Panorama -

Congrats to CASYM Steel Orchestra on capturing the 2013 NY Panorama crown...

1.   481 - CASYM
2.   470 - Sonatas
3.   469 - D'Radoes
4.   467 - Pan Fantasy
5.   464 - Despers USA
6.   462 - ADLIB
7  . 450 - Pantonic
8.   433 - Crossfire
8.   433 - Harmony
10. 418 - Metro

click for results breakdown

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Wow hmmm ok

Congratulations to CASYM and all of the other bands who were at their best last night. 

Special congratulations to Canada's Pan Fantasy Steel Orchestra on placing 4th. with 467 points,

well done.

Congrts to Casym and Duvone Stewart ,Sonatas and D'Radoes well done!!! Super job Pan Fantasy, (had you in the top three)....Watch out for D.S.people,he is going places!!!

Congrats Duvone and CAYSM, keep up the blessings

Congratulations to Casym on their 5th Brooklyn Panorama victory. This year Mr. Duvone Stewart's arrangement & Casym became the first team to amass over the 460's, scoring 481 marks, the highest in the history of Brooklyn Panorama.

Casym is now the leading NY Panorama Steel Orchestra in "this century" with their 5 wins, and the only band that has been in the top-three 12 times in 13 entries.

Kudos also to Sonatas and Leon "foster" Thomas for their 2nd place finish. Sonatas is still the most successful Brooklyn Steel Orchestra with 25 top-three in the last 32 Panoramas, amassing 10-victories, 6-2nds and 9-3rds.

Shout out also to D'Radoes and Terrance "BJ" Marcelle for their third, 3rd place.

Special Kudos to Pan Fantasy's 4th place; they came all the way from Canada.

Kudos also to Despers USA and my nephew, Odie, the only American arranger in the top five in 2013 (lol).

Andre White and Adlib were the only team that placed in the top-three from 2007 to 2012, but this year they were not that fortunate. 

Just some more history: 2013 is also the first year that the first 4 Steel Orchestras performed the same piece, Super Blue's "Fantastic Friday" and 7 of the arrangers now have a combined total of 36 pan victories world wide.

Duvone now has 11, BJ has 10, Seion has 6, Andre has 5, Eddie has 2, Odie has 1 and                                         Foster won the 2002 Pan Is Beautiful Soloist Category in 2002. See you all next year.

I forgot to mention Al "Allos" Foster's win, so it is 8 of the arrangers have a combined total of 37 wins worldwide.

Sorry about that (lol)

Allos won in 2012 as well so make that 38...

Thanks Noah.I just read you comment (lol)

You are indeed a great asset to this site; congrats and continued appreciation. About your nephew, what an amazing talent. It's evident that he's got the Despers "DNA".....perhaps you could try some networking - he's already got an impressive resume - with the jefes up the Hill here in the Mecca for trying him in '14?

Congrats to all the bands (arrangers, tuners, players) for the high standard of music!

Thanks Al and thanks for the confidence you have bestowed upon my nephew, Odie.  

As far as Desperadoes, that is wishful thinking at this moment. (lol) There are 3 young arrangers in Desperadoes that can be successful if they are given the opportunity & proper respect to grow.

However, Mr Robert Greenidge is still the band's arranger and they both will rise.

Do you know that Desperadoes is one of the top Steel Orchestras that never dominated the panorama, yet holds over 80% of the records. All Stars broke one of their records at panorama 2013, which everyone in the pan world should know. 17 of the significant records are held collectively by North Stars, Starlift, Cavaliers, Harmonites, Exodus, Phase 11, All Stars, Renegades and Silver Stars. This is all documented in my new book, "DESPERADOES-RUDOLPH CHARLES ERA & BEYOND"  

Thanks again.

Hi Ian, I heard about your new book. At your convenience give me a shout out so that I can order some copies. My phone number is the same.

CASYM's score of 481 is the highest score ever in my recollection but some bands have scored over the 460's before. Pan Sonatas did it in 2004 and 2010.


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