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Rocket man is the best of the pan songs, does any one know who Ray is arranging for this year?
This sounds like it could ba a winner.

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Ken, the last time I spoke with Ray he said things didn't work out with Starlift; I also spoke with two people yesterday who told me Michael Boothman will be arranging for Starlift.

I believe I have one of your albums, "Dancers in a Dream"...real nice stuff.
Hey Gospel thanks for the support. I would have liked hearing Ray kicking at that recorded tempo.
I think we missing out, too bad.
I just found this link: http://www.tntisland.com/pantunes2009.html

It says, Startlift will be playing, "First In De Line" and the arranger is "Michael Boothman".

It's a shame because I also would like to hear Ray's arrangement of Rocketman at the recorded tempo.
what a shame that ray's not with starlift. think there may be something missing this year.
certain things are meant to be together to feed our pleasure.

for example... phase2 and sharpe.... brados and despers.... doubles and tamarind chutney


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