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Removal of Pan program - "Pan In Yuh Pwewfen" & Steve Sealy gets the ax.

Up until a couple of weeks ago,there was a pan program for three hours on WACK Radio 90.1 FM from Trinidad. The show was Pan IN Yuh Pfume [spelling?] hosted by Steve Sealy, the show was a mixture of steelband music interviews and they took calls, I looked forward to this time on a Sunday when I could tune-in and get a bit of sunshine from T&T. After inquiring why WACK remove the program I found out that a radio station in New York bought that time slot. I know that money talks but I find it troubling that WACK removed a program that people from all over the world called in to and replaced it with one similar to the what they do. The new program doh say to much,  I think WACK is about to find out the power of the pan. I don't tune in anymore.  

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Yes Cecil, money talks , so maybe pan people should have bought the air time?

Just sayin'.

Glenroy I think Diaz has a radio show but I've never checked it out.

We Are Culture Krazy (WACK) Who's Culture certainly not Trinidad and Tobago's.

Steve Sealey: Join me Sundays for Pan in yuh pweffen, 2-6pm (NO LONGER EXISTS)


I did e-mail them and also made a reference to the programs disappearance on their Facebook page with out a reply.

That sums up the high esteem in which the country's music is held.

The most disgusting snub to those of us who love the instrument and artist, is that fact that the company's web site still lists the program in its schedule. Another example of the don't care attitude "stay at home" Trini's have when it comes to their representation. In my view, the company/station has never ever recovered after the loss of Hershimu (spelling).But at least Steve did a good job with the little time he was given.

The preceding show habitually over ran and took up 5 to 10 mins of Steve's time. Then came the other insult another so called religious feature Know Your Bible segment was stuck in an hour before the advertised end of Steve's show. (As if the conman running the church service in the morning was not enough. But that's another topic.)

So in the last 10 years we have lost WST pan radio, Radio trinbago steelband times (Steve's original broadcasting slot) and now Pan In Yuh Pweffen.

Thank god I've bought most of the available steelband music records and CDs so I can listen to it without adverts and stupid talk. While no doubt WACK continues to play reggae and other non indigenous music.

Anyone would be Krazy to keep listening to WACK.

A final comment on the imported show, the host seems uncertain whether he should try to sound like a yankee or a West Indian. Yuh tink I go waste my time listening to dat?

Good bye WACK




WACK have a mantra WE PLAY ALL LOCAL MUSIC I am tired calling in the station and complain "just play 1 steelband song every hour" they do not take me on - I BLANK WACK A LONG TIME AGO....

Good for you Garvin let's show WACK the power of the pan.

I am in agreement with you Cecil.  My husband and I looked forward to this show weekly and many times alerted our friends and family when special guests were in the studio.  I called the very first day the program was cut and was told that the pan program would be on Thursday nights after the 'Ladies Room' program.  I tuned in early that night and realized that the pan program was not about to happen.  The gentleman who answered the phone seemed not to know anything about it.  I do not enjoy the new program and so I do not listen.  I have also stopped listening to the program before hosted by Desmond.  I now listen to my own selections of CDs as well as music from When Steel Talks and Pan Times.

Jennifer, I was told the Steve did not want to do the show on Thursday because he knew that he would have gotten the support. After lunch on a Sunday cannot be replaced by Thursday. Who want to listen to a Trini trying to sound like an American.

Yeah, and we wonder why Pan Fans question the support for Pan in the Land of Pan, eh...  http://whensteeltalks.ning.com/forum/topics/would-pan-be-better-off...

Wonder what will be the NYC purchased time-slot show be about???  Does anyone know???

Andre,  There is nothing spectacular about the show same soca music. WACK needs to get a SMACK.

Nothing wrong with soca, but pan starving for exposure and deserve it too...  What's needed is to blitz WACK's airwaves when "talk" is on and bury dem with 'nuff chat 'bout dis situation... After all "We are Culture Krazy", ent... 

Its interesting that in the 21st century music featuring Pan has not found a permanent , more   popular and consistant place on the air waves as soca and other music has.Here in Antigua  we have a half hour monday through friday... and of course my program (Pan Xpression - on zomradiofm.com) on Sundays 6-9pm...yea we love pan so we say ... only at festival time ..  it seems.


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