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Renegades files an injunction against Pantrinbago

BP Renegades files an injunction against Pantrinbago

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

By Jamaal Greenidge

...reigning champions Silver Stars and Phase Two Pan Groove were the leaders.

BP Renegades says the noise from the north stand during the panorama semi-finals affected its performance. The band has now filed an injunction against Pantrinbago, saying it failed to ensure conditions were right and fair for the competition last Sunday.

Pantrinbago says it has received the legal document and has passed it on to its lawyers. According to the band’s President, the DJ music played at the venue caused disorientation and band members were at a loss. BP Renegades failed to make it into the finals. National Carnival Commission Chairman Kenny De Silva yesterday Pantrinbago was responsible for that aspect of the event.

While BP Renegades did not make it to the finals, reigning champions Silver Stars and Phase Two Pan Groove were the leaders.

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I am a playing member of Renegades...and the "rumour" emanated from where?
I am pleasantly surprised they got in.  Not because I think they didn't play well and they got in because of their name, but because of the politics behind some decisions made recently when it comes to pan in general within in the realm of being unfair regardless.  Not to say the same judges had a say in the decision to let them in, but one can become cynical after awhile when observing the greed, narrow minded view and limited reasoning of some people that have a direct effect on Pan; just ask Boogsie and Sache Alexander.  ANYWAY,  Great news to hear that Renegades is in the Finals!!  There is hope out there still.
Rumour or fact????

We are fed up with the Prima Donna behaviour of arrangers and the big bands. Fed up of them stamping their feet like a two year old  having a tantrum. If Renegades get into the final then so should Bird Song and they can site lack of crow participation for their reason . For years we have tolerated the repitition of their music.

Many of the other bands played in the disturbance of the North Stand  we got sweet music from professional players. Renegades should do something about the lack of concentration in their players and on that note they speak little for the discipline in theirt band.

These big bands from Port of Spain feel that they have a right to Panorama and whenever they are penalised for bad behaviour or bad arrangements the squeal and run to a court where the judges are biased and allow them their lollipop. No Panoram is not the personal playpen for the Prima Donna arrangers and those who call themselves the BIG FIVE. "NO THEY SHOUL NOT BE ALLOWED BACK " Bite me

Sarah, I love your spirit. Only strong people can take the bitter with the sweet and make a great tasing concuction, but there are many other factors that elude you. I, however, also like your flare for "discipline" an integral part of life.

For it is said worldwide: "competition breathes quality" and the situation in question has certainly caused many qualities to be brought to the fore: Quality of how we view things, how we speak, how we articulate ourself, how we interpret things. Quality of core-values, event/s, life style, choices, patrons, behaviour/conduct, and life in general.

Continue to speak, continue to shed light and continue to grow for with growth comes with it all different things that many may never fully comprehend.



As I said before Sarah-Ann...they are all spoilt...do you agree with me now?

Absolutelty they are spoilt, spoilt, spoilt and firmly believe they have the right to a place rubbishy arrangements  or not. Especially the bands from the north.

No bigmacttwi

It is actually the small bands that are spoiled. 

What is the justification for the continued existence of the small bands? Is it because they can fill the Savannah by themselves on Saturday night? If so, why don't we have the small band panorama by itself on Saturday night and move the other bands to Friday night? Is it because the small bands provide musical gems that will be talked about for ages? If so can you name one? Is it because the small bands will flood the streets of Port of Spain for carnival with pan music on the road?

The fact is the small bands have become fat, spoiled, medocre and inconsequential because they no longer compete with the large bands which are superior to them in every way.

...and we will continue to enjoy the spoils of our existence too...whether you like it or not...and jumping down my throat everytime I make a comment won't change it either...the fact remains that there are 4 categories to cater for 4 exsisting size bands...I didn't make the rules but I am certainly enjoying it because it much more managable being small...at least we know how to behave when results go against us...

There is no history that small bands know how to behave any better than the large bands.  It is simply a case of the tree fell in the forest and there was no one there to hear it, so it didn't matter.

I'm not jumping down your throat.  What I am doing is showing by your reaction how it is not possible to have a big band discussion without small bands feelings and interest being hurt.

The small need their own association and advocate so that their benefits to the steelband art form can come to the forefront.

By the way it is rumored that the small bands are the ones who caused all that confusion with Exodus since all the large bands didn't care how many players were on stage. Is that true? And if so, does that not again prove my point?

Dika...you continue to make no sense with your prejudicial rantings...at least you are being constant I will say that much in you favour...at any rate this will be my last reply to you...I promise

Come on, bigmacttwi, if you can't defend the existence of small bands, then who?

I love and enjoy all types of pan - just not together.  There is a place for a "Big Mac" tractor trailer and a place for Volkswagen. How does the Volkswagen not get run over by the truck if we don't recognizes and respect their differences, strengths and weaknesses?

Do you really believe that the small bands would have behaved if the 2million was given to them instead of the large bands? lol just messing with you.

I bet you those large bands would have still come out and people would have still wanted to play with them.

The problem is Pan Trinbago makes no effort to promote the small bands - ever.


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