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This was very very good performance.
Am I seeing things? The title in the video says N&M Trinidad All Stars Pan Rivalry!! Good performance by Renegades though...
You are right. I see it too. They messed up.
All Hail, the Doctor!!! Good job by Amrit to honor is father, the ONLY arranger to win 9 times, including a Hattrick with the same band. The arrangement brought memories of some of his winning pieces, I like it, well done again Amrit!
For the past number of years we Have been hearing the same arrangement from Renegades, perhaps now Amrit will arrange something as the might of Bp will not carry them to semi's forever. Silver Stars won and they did not have a sponsor. Change at last. The reason for the reminder of so many winning pieces is that they were all Super Blue tunes some of which the band were acquainted with. How many people in the Forum listen to Pan on a daily basis and go to all the other Pan shows other than Panorama
Sarah-Ann, could you please explain which "Super Blue tunes" you were hearing here? I am confused. Also, I am not clear about what you are suggesting about sponsorship carrying them to semis...
Renegades will always be Renegades Sarah-Ann, don't expect them to change. They've been an institution for a very long time and have a significant history at Panorama. They'll be a fixture at the Finals forever - they're not going anywhere. As for complaining about they're style, it's the same old argument I've been hearing for a while now. Renegades dominated for almost two decades due to this 'style' of arranging. It's a style that I and alot of other people enjoy listening to. I would never enjoy listening to a Panorama without Renegades. They carry a quality & signature style that you don't hear from the other bands. Albeit they're in a bit of a transition phase right now with young Amrit, but believe me he will carry them back to first place at some point in the near future.
Sarah-Ann I suggest you get your facts right, the ONLY thing you got right was "Silver Stars won"!
Who is the player from 2:01 till 2:14 and which steel pans is he here playing (name)?
His play style is unique and awesome. One off the best players I have ever heard.
He gives Renegades representative and typical sound.
He's the section leader for the 4pan section of Renegades, i forgot his name though, been playing for a while last I can date was 1987 and he's playing a 4pan, they play mostly counter melody, well in Renegades they do and some melody time to time they'll play chords
A very exciting and energetic arrangement, I can hear a lot more in terms of the mid range pans, which I couldn't hear over the internet. I am shocked that this is only Amrit's second year working with the band for Panorama, he did a tremendous job while maintaining the trademark Renegades sound of his Father...Dr. Jit.

Amrit is in the ring with longtime seasoned arrangers and he is holding his own and dishing out some licks...mark my words, give him time and he will deal a knockout blow.

The only downside is the video starts off saying "N&M Trinidad AllStars", which is inexcusable.

I agree with you. Amrit did a splendid job. It is just a matter of time before he has a crown. The audio is far from great but assuiming it was the same for all the bands I have even more questions after listening to this video as to what the judges were listeing to.



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