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Hello Renegades;

Just wanted you to know your performance at the semi finals was boss.  I am not a Renegades fan but what they did to you is wrong. The judges need to explain themselves.  Who are they going to mess up next?

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Not to get political.. but the same way everyone calling our T&T Government for ANSWERS TO ALOT OF ISSUES, both PAN TRINBAGO and its agents, The Judges, To give us a brief of the judging used in the semis and finals from now on!!
I wondered the same. If they were penalized for that then that is unfair.
I totally agree. The performance was enjoyable as well as the music. I don't understand how they haven't made it into the Finals....

What a shame how could anyone explain Renegades not making it to the finals. I am a pan lover and the band that played my composition did not make it to the finals, I don't have a problem with that, but when I heard the performance of some of the bands that made it to the finals, I had wonder what is the set standards that these judges are using to judge? I would really like to know. Every band can't be in the finals we all know this, however when you hear some bands performance that makes no sense at all (musically) you really have to scratch your head in disbelieve as to some of their scores and what criteria are they  using in their scoring system. It was not Renegades fault for the time delay, if that was the case. What a let down to their fans here and the world over. Keep your heads up high you did a very good job.                

Thanks for the comment and support ........as a Renegades player......our performance was marred by having to stop our count on no less than three occasions due to the noise from the North Stand..........then....after we started playing.......the music started up again......leaving our players on that side of the stage to battle with the music and still execute......


All this being said...I also heard the recording.....and to place 13th out of 16 bands??? I think not!!!!!

Honestly i didn't hear them to give a fair assessment but i do know this, over the years Renegades enjoyed a fair amount of judges bias in their favor, so I doh feel no way.

Thanks all for the concerns and passion expressed, but I read and re-read ALL the adjudicators' remarks and they were similar to 2010's. If you recall, Renegades made it to finals last year due to the increase of bands by two placing us last on the list thus, work was done affording the 4th position in finals.


There are many things that couldv contributed to the 13th position emanating from different stand-points: the full comprehension of some pannists of the regimens and discipline attached to success, to the sacrifices to be made, to the level of concentration during performance, to maintaining rhythm, to the personal/independent mental preparedness to ready self for competition, to disruptions on stage/indiscipline/disrespectful spectators, to lack of proper performance-arena management.


As I indicated to our captain yesterday morning...as similar to the life line, life has it's ups and downs. Renegades was up, then somewhat down, having secured placing in the finals (winning is the cream of the crop), but now we are DOWN, having nOt made it to finals.

And what do we do?

What is the message the Lord has sent?


We need to view the situation objectively; introspectively, and positively with a clear and rational mind.

Do our research, homework, re-work our phylosophy and core-values; re-look at what we really want to accomplish apply, work it, make it work, and come again...biggger, better and stronger.


Renegades is really worth more than $2m.

We just got to work it!


Love you supporters!


Unfortunately, the people in the North stand have no respect for pan...they profess to have but clearly they do not.  Panorama is just an excuse for gallery and bacchanal for them because they feel it is THEIR right.  The fact that this is a serious competition with consequences for the band on stage has no place in their selfish behaviour.  it is a case of "dis is we ting, and no one can't stop we".  I personally am not a Renegades fan, but in my humble opinion, Renegades did NOT place 13th!  Last year it was Exodus...this year Renegades...I wonder if it will be All Stars next year.  It beggars belief as to what the Judges are actually judging!!!  Can someone please educate the masses as to what the Judges are actually judging.  Are they hearing the same thing that everyone else is hearing or are they privvy to a separate feed that the rest of the world is not?  This is a serious question because it happens way too often.  Yes, we all wil not always agree with the judges point of view, but to be so way off the mark is unheard of...can someone please explain this phenomenon!



Very tough on Renegades. Last year it was Exodus.  Whose turn will it be next year ?

It is good to pan lovers letting there voice be heard what i have notice in the panorama the bands that beat the pans insted of playing the pans advance to the next rounds pat bishop said something sund at the seme she notice in some bands that players want to out play the player that next to them i gess that is what the judges looking for i am just pondering a taught is free .ps ( play the pan dont beat the pan you all know the bands that beat the pans) one love steelman

Renegades were robbed-and disrespected. In this post era of Dr. Jit Samaroo Samaroo this is one of the best pieces that the Band has played at Panorama. Renegades were now beginning to ascend the Panorama ladder, when low and behold they were side swiped by the Judges. I think that this was a hatchet job. Some one or some entities had planned to leave out Renegades from this years Panorama Finals. The Judges were instructed to leave them out. To make this plan work they placed them 13th so that no way  they could asend up the ladder if they include another band to make it eleven. Pantrinbago and the Judges are setting a bad presedent for the future of Panorama. They are playing with fire. They must judge on merits and not on animosity. Its a damn shame ,that Pantrinbago has stooped so low as to deny any steelband the right to be judged fairly. If Pantrinbago continues in this light, they would be the ones who would be killing Panorama not Gypsy. Pantrinbago should apologise to Renegades and the general public, and bow their heads in shame ,they must allow Renegades the opportunity to play in the Finals. Its not to late. I hope that Renegades  has the guts to take this to court, and see why they were not scored high enough to be allowed to play in the Finals. If not Pantrinbago should have the balls to fire all the Judges that adjudicated at the Semi- Finals The public at large would be missing out on a great piece of music if Renegades dont play in the finals.



"In this post era of Dr. Jit Samaroo this is one of the best pieces that the Band has played at Panorama"


fully, absolutely 1000% AGREE. i haven't heard Renegades sound this good, and play this well in YEARS.

They came BETTER this year than they have in a long time.  It actually brought a tear to my eye to hear them sounding so strong and so much like they just reach back after a long hiatus away....  sweet arrangement,  playing clean, and pan sounding pretty PRETTY, with so much spirirt and forward-movement in the music


that's exactly why i too feel that this low placement was NOT a result of intelligent, knowledgable, fair, unbiased judging.  I can't help but feel there's something fishy going on here.


many ppl are saying "but Exodus didn't make finals last year either so it's just the way it goes" - but i disagree with that. Exodus played too fast last year, and their execution was sloppy - so their low placement at least made some kinda technical sense. 






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