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R.I.P. Michael Jackson.......thanks for the wonderful music!!

Michael Jackson dies at 50

Listen to Pan Tribute

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It's always sad when someone younger than myself dies before I do but I never did like the man or his music. Was he a closet pan player or even a pan lover?

I agree wiyh you. Michael was one of the greatest musicians who ever lived. We may not have liked some of his choices, but which one of us has not made a bad choice? I grew up with his music; he was a legend. I thank God for his life and I pray that the peace of God rest upon his family at this time.
Which instrument di dhe play. I thought that he was an excellent singer dancer and showman but I never knew that he played an instrument, was I a bad fan. May he rest in peace as he will be remember more for the dark side than his music but the fans will never abandon him. Check out Phase 11 playing Bille Jean for pan in the twentyfirst century
sarah-ann i believed he played every acoustic instrument there was, not only was he a musician but the greatest choreographer and has left a great legacy for others to follow may he rest in peace and may god bless his kids. Instruments Guitar, drums , piano, organ, harmonica and also wrote his own music.
So true Sid, So True,

Some words from my favourite MJ Lyrics:


From "Ben"

"Ben, the two of us need look no more
We both found what we were looking for
With a friend to call my own
I'll never be alone
And you, my friend, will see
You've got a friend in me"

From "Heal the World"

"Think about the generations and to say we want to make it a better
world for our children and our children's children so that they know
it's a better world for them; and think if they can make it a better


Heal the world
Make it a better place
For you and for me and the entire human race
There are people dying
If you care enough for the living
Make a better place for
You and for me"

End Quote

Good Bye Michael, you will be happy in ZION
with good people and the Most High One

Condolences to your children, family and Friends

Blessed Love to the WST family
I am sure we will always recall a period in our lives when one of his songs gave us inspiration.
Jah Live! Zion is an Irie place no sin cannot enter there, so the I will be safe from the wicked ones who souught your soul. All your works stand as a testament to your Truths and Rights. One Love Man. Ras Rico I John, The Golden Lions of Winnipeg and the Universal Pan Family-WST
Cosign. The hallmark of a great piece of music or the work of a great musician is the creation of music that is timeless. Many of Michael Jackson's songs, and much of the body of his work fit that definition hands down. They are as relevant today as they were 45 yrs ago........RIP MJ
Well said my brother...well said. ..and for those who may not know, Micheal did sing his version of Kitchener's "Sugar Bum,Sugar Bum" during his concert in T+T in 1973 or thereabouts...so he did try to bridge the culture gap...I just wish we will have more love for our fellow human beings and do away with such pettiness and narrow-mindedness.Blessings.
My Mama used to say keep people guessing dont open your mouth and confirm their suspicions. If you think that WST is only concern with pan and pan lover then thats what really sad. Maybe you dont like Michael but thats OK
fact there is very few performers today who have not been influence by him. The presence of charater he had at 11
I pray one day you could achieve. So next time you see Elvis let him know who is KING. And he never stole a verse from anyone. Rest in Peace Michael

This is not the time or place for negative opinions.

Please understand that pan is an instrument, which by itself can do nothing.

The instrument, like many others is used to play music in the form of compositions and arrangements...many steel bands across the world have taken compositions sung by the late Michael Jackson and arranged them for pan.


So, his music has been a blessing, even for steel orchestras.
If you didn't know . He was here in sweet Trinbago in 19-78. I was at the show in the savannah did not pay a cent and enjoyed it immensely especially when he sang Sugar Bum Bum. and I'm sure when he visited the different places he tried the pan. So what you don't know ask. Rest in peace Michael.
One of the best ever. He will be missed.



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