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San Juan All Stars/Despers Clash was in 1959, What Mas did San Juan All Stars played? I said that they played "Battle Cry" some say that they played "To Hell and Back",

Both Movies were produced in 1955. 

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Battle Cry stands out in my memory.

San Juan All Stars played Battle Cry......There were cutlasses(machetes) with those words painted on and they were pulling them out of the base pans.......Desperadoes played Noah's Ark and their weapons were inside the ark....I was 13 years old and saw all this on Charlotte street.

It was "Battle Cry". One of the cutlasses(machetes) displayed had the words "DONT TRY TO STOP BATTLE CRY". You are correct. In that regard the steelbands have come a long way.

In that Battle, San Juan All Stars, they were the closest thing to God, they say "Oh Lord, Oh God",  they Bald, they Beg, they holler, they scream, and they CRY. That was "Battle Cry".

Seems like you were you in the vicinity since you know what they say.

What was the name of the tune San Juan All Stars was playing at the time?

Thank you all for the Lil insight , I believe this is what missing in steel pan now a days. A lot of us (myself included) don't know or have a clue or the history is where pan and the band's came from . So once again thank you all !!!
I believe it was " The return of battle cry"

My husband confim the clash was in the year 1959 Carnival Tuesday  between 3 and 4 pm . The band behind Despers was Fruits and Flowers (he played with them) with Cito Valesquez and Geraldo Viera (now deceased) the steel pan playing for Fruits and Flowers was Rapsody, the band leader was Stanley Warner, he also tuned pan for Despers. San Juan All Stars was probably 2 bands behind Fruits and flowers and they started to run through bands in an attempt to get ahead.

Fruits and Flowers pulled their pans on the side, and San Juan All Stars not knowing Despers was in front got the biggest surprise of their life so started the clash. Despers mash up all San Juan All Stars pan and turn over their jeep with all the amunition and as San Juan All Stars could not get to it they had to run for their life.

San Juan All Stars knew that Despers was in front........

Tokyo was behind San Juan All Stars .......

Despers got assistance from Tokyo ......

San Juan All Stars Never Ran .......

Please note the return the following years.

Battle Cry with a really good model of a tank filled, some say, with weapons.It might have been the second time they played that mas', so the mane could have been Return of Battle Cry.[ I could be wrong]

Teddy Pinheiro

1959 San Juan All Stars played Battle Cry, and 1960 they played the Return of Battle Cry. Despers sent a warning to San Juan All Stars not to pass the flyover, but they continued to enter Port of Spain, and a Police contingent followed San Juan All Stars all through Port of Spain until they exited Port of Spain on their way back to San Juan.

1960, San Juan All Stars played "FLOUR BAG SAILOR"




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