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Large Bands

1.Trinidad All Stars - 270.5
2. Phase II Pan Groove - 268
3. Renegades - 267
4. Exodus - 265
5. Fonclaire - 264
6. Silver Stars - 263
6. Tropical Angel Harps 263
8. Invaders - 262
9. Skiffle - 260
10. Desperadoes - 259
11. birdsong - 254
12. Harmonites - 253
12. Redemption Sound Setters - 253
14. Starlift - 243
15. La Brea Nightingales - 237


Medium Bands

1. Pan Elders - 278

2. Buccooneers - 274

3. Sound Specialist - 270

4. Steel Xplosion - 270

5. Couva Joylanders - 269

6. Katzenjammers - 267

7. Melodians - 266

8. Curepe Scherzando - 264

9 Arima Angel Harps - 260

10. Valley Harps - 259

10. Western Stars Philharmonics - 259

12. Dixieland - 258

13. Sforzata - 250

14. Tokyo - 243

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Isn't this the same results of the Semi-Finals of the Large Bands from last year except there was a tie with La Brea Nightingales? (SMH)

These are 'business' decisions.

You got that right..Bede ,just the band positions different......

Are those judges for real? All stars not deserving of that position. It seems like gimmicks is what is required to win panorama not music.

For real. Also, cannot understand how Birdsong could beat Starlift and run right behind Despers - they almost make the finals. What are the judges listening to? Their credentials leave a lot to be desired.

hahahahahaha  good question.....

NO! They are not 'for real'. Winners were chosen after carnival 2014.

 Last nite results: Fonclaire, Silver Stars, Tropical Angel Harps. End of story. What's this 'point 5' business?

All the people who hurried to leave after Phase II and Exodus played really missed some amazing music. Fonclaire was my favorite of the whole weekend. Really beautiful, and I found myself just standing there grinning involuntarily. Tropical Angel Harps, who got stuck playing last, to a much-too-empty house, were great, too. I hope (unrealistically, I know) that we can get some decent-quality recordings from Panorama this year, because these are things I'd want to listen to over and over. I'm glad we'll at least get to see them again in the finals.

the same old bands are in the finals it is better we dont have panorama the same old stuff or change the judges it stinks oh" Trinidad all stars"  has no right to be in that position; all these bands has to do is show up  i am fed up with the politics !!!!!!!!


My position has always been that competition does nothing to improve creativity and innovation in pan orchestra music.

My mantra:  Less competition - More exposition.

Well according to my wife {Boy I tell You} every year is the same old thing . And she is from Texas. My selection was Despers.; Birdsong ; Skiffle


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