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Sforzata wins Pan in the 21st Century

Sforzata Steel Orchestra under the musical direction of Dr. Jeannine Remy captured both the imagination of the crowd and judges, as well as
the 2010 Pan in the 21st Century steelband music competition title and
TT $100,000.00 ($15,873.00 USD) prize - with their rendition of Jazmine

Sullivan's "Bust Your Windows."

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Congratulations to Sforzata Steel Orchestra and Dr. Remy for your victory at the 2010 Pan in the 21st Century.
I have one more piece of history for my compilation, "400 Questions and Answers on Pan from 1960 to Present".
Two questions were added to the chapter, "Who Did It First". (a) Name the first non- Trinbagonian that qualified a Large Steel Orchestra for the Panorama finals? Answer Andy Narell with Skiflle Bunch in 1999. (b) Who is the first non- Trinbagonian to lead a Steel Orchestra to victory at any competition? Answer Woman is Boss in 2010, (just kidding)
Congrats to you Dr. Remy and Sforzata Steel Orchestra for the good work in the 21st century 2010
Congratulations Dr. Remy and Sforzata Steel Orchestra!!

Winning the 2010 Pan in the 21st Century is a great achievement, I can't wait to hear the arrangement that will go down in history.
Congrats Mutt + Mazzi. Good win hope to see you guys soon.

Dear Sirs,

Thank you for doing a terrific job on Pan on the net. I enjoy your commentaries.
Your updated topics and Pan news are quite interesting. However, Pan, as we
know it is a physical activity, or performance if you please. You can say that Bolt
broke another would record. But seeing the actual race gives the viewer insight
into that moment in time.

It will enhance your articles a great deal if the viewers can see an actual clip of
performances or performance, as in the case of Sforzata Steel Orchestra, winning
the 2010 Pan in the 21 Century Music Competition. As you are fully aware, we as
Caribbean folks love to be in the action.

Thank you again for great job and continued success.


Rick M.
Thanks WST for being first at informing the pan diaspora of the winner of the 2010 Pan in the 21st Century.
Pan Trinbago should make it their priority to be always first with infomation. Any Governing boby must be alert 24/7.
i totally agree- as i said before pan trinbago has to go beyond pan competitions and officials travelling all over the world - there is real business in pan overall to be developed - ask vp brian serrette
from tnt
proud to be trini
This rendition was just awesome...I should become a pan music judge one day, for upon three seconds into the tune, I declared Sforzata the winner for the night...hats off to Dr. Remy and her band....as for the 'busting of the windows?!?!'....hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....and hats off to all responsible for this timely info. I am anxiously awaiting to download the video!!!!!
I just would like to congratulate the band on the victory. I am so thankful that all of you allowed me into your family to play, and win, this performance with you! You all kept me on my toes and made sure that I had all my parts down without a score!
I also want to thank all the viewers, judges, and WST for making this event successful. Without WST, we wouldn't be kept so up to date on happenings in pan. Without the judges, we couldn't have a competition for people to push the art form in. Without the viewers and supporters, this would all just be a waste of time. For if nobody is going to be there to enjoy it, why leave the yard?
Matt Potts
The Steelpan Store
Matt Potts, please call me at (954) 792-1879.
Ian Franklin
Thanks Matt Potts for calling. Sorry that we had a bad connection. When you get back to the States, please call again.
Thanks again,
Ian Franklin
Congrats to Szforzata and Dr. Remy. Great performance.



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