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Should Steel Orchestras like the Big 5 consider negotiating co-ownership of rights to Panorama arrangements?

The composer derives income from licensing the use of his compositions in performance, publication, and recording. If the orchestras are making (new music) the arrangements popular and desirable world wide, is not fair that a certain percentage of the publishing, performance and recording rights belong to the bands? 

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Bugs: This is slightly relevant to your topic and the whole discussion in general.

"When the artist/record company records a songwriter/music publisher's song, and makes it available for sale as a download or part of a physical album, a mechanical royalty of 9.1 cents per song is due. To earn $1,000 in mechanical royalties here, you would need approximately 11,000 downloads or physical albums sold."

Whitney Houston’s recording of Dolly Parton's "I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU" has been remarkably profitable for Dolly Parton (the sole composer of the song). The soundtrack for Houston’s film “The Bodyguard,” which contained her version of the song, has sold a jaw-dropping 44 million copies worldwide, while the single has sold 4,591,000 copies as of 2009. The 2000 compilation album “Whitney: The Greatest Hits” — which also contained the song — has sold 10 million copies to date.

And that report was written in 2012!!! Dem 9.1 cents does well add up FAST!!!

Great idea Bugs, who is going to take the LEAD?

With their money, they should be able to challenge the legal minds/consultants to come up with a workable solution.


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Ah like to hear Trini talk...talk...talk....

Whatever rights that exist by law or can be arranged by negotiation must be for ALL arrangers and bands, not only the Big 5.

This is an opportunity to settle the questions about rights.
Pantrinbago should take the lead.

Absolutely not Mr. Scoon

The Big 5 must take the lead. They have the most to lose. 

Most of the disastrous policies and occurrences to Pan in Trinidad and Tobago can be traced back directly to Pan Trinbago's incompetence and corruption.

Who in the current Pan Trinbago executives has an inkling about the business of music?


Bugs...I was planning on not joining this discussion...But yuh force meh han' with this business about "the Big 5 must take the lead"...Since the birth of this Big 5 alliance, what have they done to convince you that they are interested in "taking the lead" where other steelbands are concerned? You sound very typical of the average Trini...Mr Scoon is right ... And whatever we may think or say about Pantrinbago, the welfare of ALL local steel orchestras and in turn arrangers is their responsibility... What "more" do "they" have to lose than any other steelband or arranger?

merrytonestothebone: Certain posters on THIS FORUM tend to use certain words over and over again.

Take me for example: I am always talking about "GLOBAL PAN MUSIC."

And take you for example: You are always talking about the "ANYHOWNESS" that goes on in the PAN WORLD.

So who in their right mind would expect ORDER in the ANYHOWNESS culture that exist in PAN IN TRINIDAD.

In this whole discussion about copyright there was one single posting that really summarized the crux of the issue for me when one poster asked MR. FABIEN ALFONSO this question:

Reply by Paul Francis yesterday

Dear Mr. Fabien Alfonso, Is it correct to conclude that you are not a Trinidadian by birth and are not currently resident in Trinidad or Tobago?

I interpreted the question to mean: Do you really think that you could replace our ANYHOWNESS with HOWNESS at this particular time and place in our underdevelopment. You cyar really be born and live in TRINIDAD and expect that kind of order in the MUSIC INDUSTRY.


Well Merrytones,

A good friend of mind on this forum has reminded me many, many times that cockroach have no business in fowl business. 

However, a look at the recent gangsta regime who ran Pan Trinbago into ill repute would suggest that in matters that disproportionately effect the Big5 and by extension the large band category, they (large bands) should take these matters into their own hands.

To put it bluntly. What performance rights are we talking about for small bands? Not many came to their panorama. Recording rights for small bands? There hasn't been an official release of small band panorama recordings in years. And the Youtube views for small bands are dismal. Publishing rights? I haven't seen anyone asking for a small band rebroadcast. Or college music programs looking for arrangements or new music performed by small bands in panorama?

So Merrytones, you want an organization that is controlled by Single Pan bands and mainly fly-by-night Small Bands, (not to mention 62 million in debt) to negotiate for Big Bands?



So...why have the Small category anyway?...Maybe the Big 5 could answer that too?...If I am an arranger I deserve my work to be protected regardless to what size band I arrange for?...No?

You are absolutely right Merrytones. Your work should be protected too. However, you have not given a reason why protection for the Big5 will not work for small bands?

The other way around has been abusive.

As per your question about - why have the Small Category - it doesn't make economic sense. And since the bands very rarely move up in categories it's not even an investment the overall development of Panorama business, reality or culture. At best it is a development opportunity for young arrangers and players.



I am certain you would have read me advocating for no more than two categories in the past...And for the above mentioned reasons and more...The Big 5 exists to serve themselves...No one else...Untill they do otherwise, the Big 5 is nothing more than a Big Boys Members Club...Even I know that too...But again, being the cockroach that I am, it not really my business...I hope you understand better now I refuse to take any further part in Panorama as it exists...

Oh ho...Ah now remember...We need the Small category so that the crackshots have an resource to make money...Never mind nobody will bother to attend the finals...Once all them Big 5 and other by-the-way crackshots could get fat off the Small bands, all is well...The music?...Naaaahhh!!...Waste ah friggin time...


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