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Silver Stars and Steel Xplosion Triumph for Steelband Panorama 2010

Trinidad and Tobago - Trinidad and Tobago’s National Panorama competition climaxed for yet another year, with Silver Stars and Steel Xplosion Steel Orchestras taking top honors in their categories on Carnival Saturday night in Port-of-Spain at the Queen’s Park Savannah. Along with bragging rights, both bands walked away with the approximate equivalent of USD $159,489 and USD $96,463, respectively.

In just under eight hours, twenty steel orchestras took the stage - ten each in medium and large categories - and delivered scintillating sounds on steel before thousands of fervent pan music lovers gathered. It would be nearing 3:00 a.m. local time before the final notes were played.

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When Steel Talks extends congratulations to Silver Stars Steel Orchestra, Steel Xplosion Steel Orchestra, Arima Golden Symphony and La Horquetta Pan Groove on your great 2010 panorama win.

When Steel Talks
Congratulations to Silver Stars on their performance and victory. Your efforts over the years have been patient and rewarding.Your graduation from medium bands to large bands and achieving this standard and quality has set a fine example to demonstrate that anyone can achieve provided the put their minds to it.


Tony Lucas
This was a truly great Great GREAT competition!!! Heartiest congratulations to all finalists and winners. Special congratulations to all of those winners who used G-Pans - Phase 2, Skiffle Bunch, All Stars, Despers, Renegades. Another first in Panorama!!!
Robbie said they did not use an G pans on post performance interview
Noted re Despers' G's. I found out that Renegades did not use them either - I was informed unofficially that they are for use by the stage side. We had a large demand for the Sopranos and Double Seconds over the past week so I thought they were all being used.
Congrats to Silver Stars! Edwin Pouchet has done a fantastic job. This is an amazing story for Silver Stars to return to their glory days of the 1960s. Well, Gulliver had to do a lot of traveling to get back to this point.

I am surprised that Despers placed so low. I thought they were in the top three. Great Panorama!
Congrats to all the bands that even made the cut to finals and special congrats to Invaders!!!!!!! and Silver Stars!!!! It was surely an entertaining night...also congrats to Steel Xplosion in the Medium band category
Congrats to Invaders. Ardin I always encouraged you to write your own music and you did and it paid off. To the Management and Players Angela, Maria & I send our heartfelt congrats to you. Stay focused and work hard for 2011. Well Done.

Tony Lucas
Atl. GA
Congratulations to all the bands, the management and players for their hard work and great entertainment.
Wonderful panorama night. Silver Star's performance was pan from another Galaxy. All of the bands were excellent and
it was nice to see the return of Invaders and Solo Harmonites. Congrats to all the bands--no one was really a loser.
Congratulations to Silver Stars...well done.

Two things...firstly, I was surprised that Phase II placed 2nd as I did not feel the tune was that outstanding and should in my opinion be placed lower. Magic drum last year was a far better tune all round. Secondly, i was surprised that Fonclair placed last. Steel Xplosion's choice of tune was an eye opener and an unexpected win...roll on 2011
i agree with ur comment... i sat in the grand stand listening to Phase II.... the arrangement did not strike me personally. I am not sayin this because i have something against them. And i hope no fanatic who in love with Phase II will shoot me down because their band gettin a little bashin. But fair is fair....... the arrangement wasn't all that. Fonclair play better than them...


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