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Legends -- Lennard “Scrubb” Wellington - St. Lucia's North Stars

St. Lucia - Somewhere in the 1940’s a young man named Lennard “Scrubb” Wellington, started on his way to become St. Lucia’s steelband maestro. He had experimented with music from the age of seven and his real interest in pan started after World War 2 when a number of expatriate soldiers, their families and some locals were celebrating the end of the war.

The history of Steel pan in St. Lucia dates much farther back than St. Lucia’s independence, even farther than many today can recall vividly enough to attribute its introduction to any one individual. However various names are almost always spoken with respect to this. Lennard “Scrub” Wellington, Augustus “Pan” Andrew are two very instrumental names in the history pan music in St. Lucia soon to be followed by Roderick Walcott, Antonius “Sycra” Gibson, the Emmanuel brothers, Ivan Smith and more recently with individuals such as Allison Marquis. The influence and substantive importance of this art form to St. Lucia is vastly understated by the silence of blank sheets of history or small scribbles here and there in photo albums arid notebooks of the valiant patriots of the Steel pan.

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I have just finished listening to St. Lucia s North Stars and they have a great sound. I would be very happy if one day the steelbands of the Caribbean would take part in an annual Panorama competition. If I was a weathy man I would sponser such an event. Maybe sometime in the future we may see this happening.
Very interesting....lets hope to see that happen...by the way am a member of a steel pan band in st. lucia.
Kudos to St Lucia North stars. very good performance. The idea of a Caribbean Panorama, I am not sure about.The top arrangers from Trinidad would do well though, moving through the Caribbean competing against themselves.In that scenario the.Music arrangements might be to similar, as evident in the North stars arrangement..
Yes.....I would love to live to see a annual caribbean steel band panorama, fest or what ever they call it. That's gonna be like the steel pan olympics!lol. I'm a member of a steel band in St Lucia..One love
As aTrini..i never knew st.lucia had pan sounding like this...that was slamming..!!!!
i am from the land of the steel pan and have heard the best,but these guys are good they ready for competition
Thanx, I agree with you 100%. I'm a member of North Stars, and I know we're ready for competition anywhere - facing any band too. Come Trini Mas 2010, we go be deh ringing pan in de yard deh again - and I go be deh too!
maybe i dont understant what you wrote .are you saying
that North Stars will be taking part in the 2010 trinidad panorama
or do you mean players from North Stars will play in a band from
trinidad like other players from all over the world always do
Very interesting, good to know and read of such history specialy for an pan music lover like me who hopes to learn to play one day soon.....gotta know all of if not most of the history right........
doris you could do that but my humble advise to you and it all depend on your age ,the pan you want to play
there are a lot of things to look at if you never played pan before i dont no how quick a learner you
are ,playing in a band for the panorama season for the first time might not be the way to go unless you are a gifted player
but you can join a band off season where there are much more time to learn what to do and by the time
panorama come you might have learn enought to ajust to the band .or if you want to learn a front line pan
tenor double tenor double secound ect ect get a personal teacher
Great performance!

I dont understand what Mr. Greene is saying. Could he elaborate, his response is a little muffled.


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