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Steel-Pan Bands in Brooklyn Struggle to Find Rehearsal Space - New York Times

There is an article in today's New York Times discussing the difficulty bands in Brooklyn are having in finding a pan yard. This is a VERY big problem facing the community. Thanks to the NYT for highlighting it. 

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This will always be a problem and I don't see it getting better, without their own property steelbands are at the mercy of people that not necessarily like them. Even in T&T we have people complaining about the noise and people it brings to the area.

Acquiring property should be the main objective of the steel band organizations...as time progresses, finding spots to practice will become increasingly difficult and because of this, steel bands maybe forced out of existence in the future.

AllStars is taking the lead in promoting self-reliance and progressive thinking in developing the Pan Yard as a business enterprise.....All Stars purchases 42-44 Duke Street, Hell Yard expends horizons....

Reigning National Panorama Champions, Massy Trinidad All Stars has expanded its horizons beyond “Hell Yard” as the band seeks to diversify into ventures other than music and the business of music. The band has completed the purchase of the property at 42-44 Duke Street, Port of Spain which is in front and to the east of the famous panyard.

This was revealed by manager Beresford Hunte recently when Massy Holdings celebrated the Panorama Champions with an evening of entertainment “Under The Trees” at The Normandie, St Ann’s.

The function was to commemorate All Stars’ ninth Panorama victory this year as well as its 80th anniversary. The news of the acquisition of the building just added to the joy and pride felt by the members on the night. Hunte told the audience the management team had successfully concluded the purchase of the property and they will soon be putting it to use. This he said is a financial investment for the band as they work towards becoming financially self-sufficient.

“We cannot solely depend on contributions and earnings from Panorama performances and other small ventures. This is critical for our growth and development as a social and cultural institution,” Hunte said.

When asked about the purchase, All Stars financial manager, Nigel Williams said, “This is in keeping with our long-term vision to grow not just as a steel orchestra but as a business institution. We have been looking out for things in which to invest and went after this property vigorously.”

Hunte used the opportunity to thank his management team for the hard work they put in to keep the band at the top. He also thanked Massy Holdings CEO Gervase Warner for his passion and interest in the band.


Sometimes We all forget that Brooklyn or I might Say The USA is not Our Sweet T&T. We are being tolerated. We are Trying to Fit Our Culture into their Life Style. They don't Understand what We went Through to Get this Instrument to where it is Globally Accepted. We cant be Mad or even Feel that We deserve Special Treatment because of Our Unique Invention. Real Estate in Brooklyn is Very Precious. They wont Sacrifice Building Space to Accommodate a Steel Band. A lot Of Steel Bands are Very Lucky to be Holding Prime Lots to Practice. Another Problem is  the Tenants who Live around these Steel bands Practice Facility Complains about Noise Pollution and the Police always Comes and Shut down the Practices. It Aint Easy in Brooklyn.

There are ways to get around this problem, in the interest of cultural diversity; we see how politicians like to attend Labor Day celebrations. Time to exercise your political clout; request that the local/state officials give support  for the Pan Yards as cultural centers in NY, the steel bands can also apply to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), for the 501 (c) (3), charitable Tax-Exempt certification. From there they can seek out sponsors and business or philanthropist for tax-deductible donations. The state can select facilities or designate cultural centers for the steelbands.

Every other culture has found a place in this country and this city. It could have been accomplished if the leaders in the early years had vision. No plaster for this wound. It has been ozzing for some time now.

What else is new? Steel bands have had this problem since the beginning of time. In America we live in an anti steel band society. Most folks only pay attention to steel bands at Carnival time, Pan-A-Rama time and Jouva. The bands hardly get any gigs and when they do, they are not properly promoted. Pan should be featured on prime time T V as far as I'm concerned and If I ever become a millionaire that will be my top priority. Pan, especially in New York is treated like someones step child. 

I would also build what I would call Pan City down near the end of Brooklyn where Fulton Street begins and loaded with forgotten property were no one lives and therefor void of noise complaints. Where all bands could practise 24/7. purchase instruments, have there instruments made and retuned, sound proof rooms for bands and indiviuals. A giant dome built building with passenger and freight elevaters, recording studio's. dance halls at least (8) stories high.cable T V station  Board of Directors. Plus I would welcome all and every suggestions.  aka: Tahzann,  aka: Curly

I would really like to hear what the younger ones in the culture have to contribute to what is now happening in Pan Land Brooklyn, USA.

Buy land in Canarsie.

The steelbands don't generate the funds to do anything, that's why we have this never ending problem.

It's not funding that's the issue but management of resources - not just financial but also material and human. 

Dont get me wrong but they are bands in NY that been around for long periods of time when property was real cheap.

Bands that won panorama on more than three  occasions they should have invested half of the money towards property,

They are locations I have seen that can house practice locations for plenty of bands in brooklyn but.


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