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Welllll what can i say about this panorama....First lets start by saying CONGRATULATIONS to Adlib. You guys have come a long way.  Congrats to Andre.  He is making a name for him self and showing the older generation of arrangers that there is hope for the youths. I have been in the pan scene since I was 5 years old with my grand father making the instrument and me being in its presence constantly....with that being said Pan is in meh blood...yes i play every pan with the tenor being my favorite. Ive been in many panoramas with 5 crowns under my belt!!!


With that being said sitting out 2 panoramas i was able to sit back and take a look at what was going around me in the NY pan scene with bands, its players, sponsors or lack of sponsors and spectators and it was interesting. 


Without getting into details i would like to say LETS GET IT TOGETHER!! For people with the power or control   over bands ,you need to put your egos aside and see the bigger picture...... Life is about changes...dont be afraid to change as well......Its all about growing and learning from your past experiences

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That is so true because I had to deal with unwanted drama from a pan group. I love pan so that I take offa work to be a part of panorama. Since 2003 I have love tenor bass but this year it was difficult because I was told that I have to put up with this guy attitude and his personal hated towards me to be able to play in panorama. What kind of ting is that?! I come to a panyard to play pan, not so socialize or hang by the bar or talk about who can't play to save their life. Every band I go to no one had a problem wit me so what in the world was different this year? I know its sad but I definitly made the wrong choice of which band to play with this year.

Dont let it get you down. 

You will meet negative people in all walks of this life.

See them as an education and a reminder of who you should never be.

Making mistakes helps us to have a better understanding of life,, It is part of learning..


"Stay Strong and Walk Good"

Personally I am totally upset with the results of this panorama.

Before anyone get me wrong let me say congrat to ADLIB and know that this is not to take away anything from you guys. Because a win is a win and anyone will take it anyway it comes.

Now as to the 2011 NY Panorama; What the heck happen?? Who was the judges and what were they listening to? Were they actually qualified musicians? Have they ever played or arrange pan music themselves? and if so, how many bands have they played with and how many panorama's do they have under their belts??

Because it is obvious to any pan player that the results were wayyyyyyyyyy off this year. We all have our favorite band, but at the end of the day, we all want the results to be fair and this year they were definitely wayyyyy out there. I have a lot that I want to say, but I wont cause I don't this to turn into a discussion of who is better than who.

As for the comment that Dymond Seaton made, it is sad that grown folks still go to panyard just to judge who can and cannot play. It is one thing when you have kids doing that cause they are new to experience and and in a way these are things that is expected from them. Especially when they are in their first two years of playing pan.

We as a Pan community are fighting each other and putting each other down, while in other parts of the world, there are people who never heard or touched a pan until maybe in the last 10 years and they are working harder to take this instrument to  greater hights.




Please listen to yourself sir. The judges decision is final just as the referee's decision in a football match is final and move on. All these bands were winners unlike football, may be it should be just a Pan Festival, no judging with points and every fan out cheer each other and every body go home happy and peaceful  saying "My band was the BEST". I have not heard any of the arrangements that I didn't like. Each of these arrangers is chasing the same goal and is about time that the young arrangers begin to take over. I personally know one of the adjudicators who has been playing pan before you were born and shared the yard with world class pan people. He is a band leader, arranger and pan maker and older and wiser. Panorama organizers do not pick these  adjudicators and give them this thankless job. Please respect their decision. Look forward to the next year and maybe it will your band / tribe time. I respect your loyalty. The pan culture as is the football culture similar when you watch the fans at a game any where in the world. Their loyal and wear their colors with pride, I do.


Well said. It sounds familiar from where I live. Toronto. Do something for Pan and not self.
Lol every year it's the same complaints about the judges decisions......that's sooooooo old now ....im actually tired of hearing the same old bull sH** .... I need to hear new things ....new sweet music ....it's not about the jamming and jumping and choreography... I need real sweet music....and for the strangers who OVER ARRANGED and want to put every chromatic in there song....come onnnnnnnnnnnnn.please stoppppp...
Next year I hope I will see something different then maybe I will return to the rama scene

This year's Panorama was one of the best ever. I was very satisfied with the results. The judges did a wonderful job. The music was of a higher standard than previous years. Congratulations to Andre White and Adlib, they just pipped Casym at the wire.  Special mention to D'Radoes and their performance of 'Trini, arranged by first time New York arranger BJ Marcelle. We also have to keep our ears open, for up and coming young arranger Odie Franklin, who did a beautiful piece of work for Despers USA with Benjai's 'Trini'. They were the dark horse in the competition. He looks like he has a bright future.

Special thanks to all the young pannists who are keeping our pan- culture alive. 'Pan not in danger anymore.'

Amen to that! I totally agree. The youths bringing it to the pan forum!!!! Next step is to let the youths run the commities. Loll then maybe there will be unity
well said Wensley and others as well. I always wondered WHAT QUALIFIES a judge to be a judge. Have they played pan before, are they musically educated, do they know what a crescendo is, what a Minor is, what do they know about music? Or are they just "meh people" from WIADCA committees that "gyul i know pan since back home i could judge"...someone please educate me on this!


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