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"The pan which took 'Spree' to glory, had actually been bought from a man named Andrew "Pan" De La Bastide for a shilling (24 cents)," Goddard stated. 

"It was the first pan ever sold." 

Goddard, however, was not alone in leveling the serious charge. With him were several stalwarts of the steelband movement: Carlton Comstance "Zigilly" Barrow, former member of Hellyard (now Catelli All Stars), John Slater and Mc Kellar "Big Mac" Sandiford. 

Steelpan History Myth Busted

As Stevie Wonder sang, "When you believe in things that you don't understand, then YOU suffer". This "hoax" has been exposed since the 1980's, and yet "very superstitious" people, cannot see the "writings on the wall". So, we as a nation, are okay with a person receiving the nation's highest award, based on a lie. I am yet to meet the person, who can articulate how this untruth about such an important part of steelband history.is beneficial for the steelbands, its people, and its movement. A history, built on a lie, will not stand the test of time. What is amazing, that this is still even a debate, even after these pan pioneers busted this myth in 1987. 

Ghost. Same philosophy; different attitude.

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The Ghost, This is what I had said before, If we are sure "Spree" was too young at the time we need to fix that (history) The same we should do when and if we can prove Sense from Nonsense.

This reminds me of the historically incorrect story about how Manhattan was bought for "amazingly" $25.00 & some trinkets.  My understanding, from Native Americans (First People) is that they received this sum and trinkets as a fee to tour Manhattan, not for selling Manhattan.  The tradition of The First People is that the land cannot be sold because it belongs to no one.  So how could it make any sense to sell Manhattan?  Since two white men officially own the patent for the Steel Pan, are they the ones to invented it?  How could Christopher Columbus discover lands that were inhabited thousands of years before his great, great, grand parents were born?  Who is it that wrote, history is written by the victors?

I thought I was a LONE WOLF crying in the wilderness but I see there are others more knowledgable and influential than me who KNOW the truth. If pan was being played on Tragarete Rd in 1939 and 1940 and SPREE was a boy in south, who came later to JOIN (join) Destination Tokyo AN EXISTING STEEL BAND  How the hell could he even be thought of as the inventor/creator of the PLAYABLE instrument we call pan.  Kitch and Stalin MADE A MONUMENTOUS MISTAKE and  people fell for it.  Also there is  a diff between a TYMPANIC DUDUP and a  MUSICALLY PLAYABLE instrument (ping pong) 

paddy corea

Truth always stands the test of time. Keep Talking Ghost!
Point-of-Information and if I am out-of-order and out-of-place, I stand corrected. But the SteelPan invention has yet to be patented. The gPan was an effort to establish it as prior art going forward. http://www.panonthenet.com/news/2011/jul/G-Pan-Patent-Copeland-pano.... Now as for searching for the truth, the Ghost is on de track that counts, and legendary pioneer, Oscar Pile had something wise to say... http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=YwdVJ94IIwI&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3...
Let's keep this on de move there's a man in LA who could add to this, more research is needed, very good topic.

Gavin, I agree with you somebody in Los Angeles can add valuable comments on Andrew 'Pan' de la Bastide. I met Andrew in 1977 in Los Angeles he was making and selling pans and he was sharing his journey in pan from Trinidad to the world.

well its about time-someone tell the true story--they want to beat me when i bring in JULES AND FISHEYE IN THE PICTURE


Remember Neville Jules also JOINED an existing band,, (All Stars) that had morphed from Cross of Lorraine to All Stars then to Trinidad All Stars.  By the way as far as I hear there are people (panists and steelband hangers on) who are still alive from those times and they could shed some additional light on the matter. Take into consideration that everybody from those generations (the one before mine) has an AXE to grind and everyone wants to BIG UP  their band.  You could  read this bias and slant  in the words from the several interviews  of some of the OLD pan men and affectionadoes done by Prof Jeanine Remy......paddy corea

The Lord Kitchener helped to perpetuate the tale of Spree as the inventor in his 1975 calypso, 'Tribute to Spree.' He later corrected this error in his 1999 calypso 'Pan Birthday' by identifying1939 as the birth year of pan. Spree appeared on the scene in 1946, playing with Tokyo at Marine Square on Carnival Tuesday to a large audience that included the Governor and other dignitaries. He played 'God save the King' and I am a warrior' after which Spree was hailed as the inventor of pan. Most students of pan however now credit Victor 'Totee' Wilson with his four note 'ping pong' in 1939 as the man who did it first - although some still say that no one person invented the pan; that it evolved. I totally agree with Norman Darway Adams, who wrote in his book 'Stories in Steel" and I quote: "An inventor is one who devises something new or produces or creates with imagination. Henry Ford invented the motor car and it evolved; so too was the telephone invented by Alexander Graham Bell and it also evolved. They are both not the same thing as they were at the time of their invention. So 'Totee' who used his imagination to bring something new, is the inventor of the pan, and then it evolved...."

According to records, Spree Simon died a young man 1930-1976  46 yrs old, the year before when Kitch made the calypso "Tribute to Spree Simon", it seems like Spree did not have a conscience to accept all that fame. Maybe his Conscience kill him a year after.



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