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he  GRAND MASTER/INVENTOR/CREATOR of the PLAYABLE instrument known as steelpan is NO MORE. He has gone on to the big steelband in the sky. When will the envious, jealous pan fraternity and PAN TRINBAGO give ELLIE his due???  THE HYPOCRACY PERSISTS and every johnny come lately gets his name thrown into the mix as inventors of dis and dat. HYPOCRITES.

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Paddy Corea posted...Dr Elliot Mannette

Published on Youtube Sep 3, 2018
The life and times of ELLIE MANNETTE. The INVENTOR/CREATOR of the PLAYABLE INSTRUMENT we know as STEELPAN. I am not talking about the dudup or boom or rolling pan. I am talking about the inception of the PING PONG then on to the TUNE PAN then on to the 55 GALLON TENOR PAN. IT WAS ALL ELLIE.

Dr. Ellie Mannette, Prof. Susie Jackson, and Angela Cooper, perform "My Way". March 27, 2010 at the The Red Skelton Theatre, on the campus of Vincennes University. Part of A Day of Percussion, at the theatre.


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