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Take Warning - No Pictures, No Video - No Play for Panorama

Take warning steelbands all over the world. I am advising all parents of steelband panorama children to stop your child from playing in that band if the band can't provide you with decent pictures and videos of your child performing. Cell phone videos and pictures do not count. They are unacceptable.


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The band cannot supply pictures of children or other players performing at panorama because Pan Trinbago does not allow unaccredited photographers from  accessing the panorama stage to take pictures.

The photographers accredited by PT are usually news photographers or others interested in taking commercial or artistic pictures which may not appropriately render performers in preference to those merits.

To appropriately render performers in their glory, requires a dedicated professional with access to the stage and band, with appropriate permissions from both PT and the band members and that will not happen 'just so'.

Perhaps a photographer out there might find it economically feasible to pay the fees to be on stage and get the requisite permissions, to take pictures of all the band members in the hope that his shots might be bought, to defray expenses and of course provide a profit worth doing it for.

Demand will drive supply, if it exists.

The problem also, as we learned from the last Panorama the stage is now used as prime real-estate. Location, Location, Location, between a photographer and a Media house who do you think will get priority for bidding or should I say ACCREDITATION on the Panorama Stage. The highest bidder $$$ will get the best location for camera angles and  audio feed, also some lucky family friend or business partner will get exclusive rights for the internet broadcast with third-party deals, produce the DVDs with below start-of-the art equipment.

Consumer demands  are not part of their business considerations, just business as usual. I say it's time we bring Basement Recordings to work in T&T. Just look at what you can do with technology at your disposal. WSTglobalHD...New York 2015 Panorama PanYard Recordings


We are dealing we the same people that has been in charge for years, I doubt next season will be any different, it's impossible to expect anything progressive from people with their mentality.

Great job John Schmidt, now if we can get the DVD and CD from this competition it will certainly build a market share.  I'm sure every parent will purchase one for their child and Pan lovers will cherish the music from the competition. This is the future of PAN. 

It's good that business opportunities are being taken advantage of , but my question is , what's in it for the players?

Any celebrity will tell you how annoying and distracting an aggressive photographer in your face can be. Are the demands of feeding social media to spoil everything for everyone? Next thing you know, out-of-control drones will be crashing in the middle of your six bass while you're trying to execute your panorama solo. Come on, people, it's about the music!

In this age of video and cell phone cameras, concerns about unauthorized photographers is understandable, since they can be disruptive, if not controlled.

On the other hand, overly restrictive rules can be counter productive, since they can affect access by professionals and others , who help promote and advertise the art-form , and the culture.

There has to be an acceptable  common sense solution that can  be acceptable to most , including parents.

But then again, common sense isn't that common, is it?

I do not get it . Please explain ? There is a licence available. Can you vet it ?


Carnival, photos and rights...

Sunday, February 15, 2015

As the Merry Monarch reigns over the next two days, hundreds of people, including both masqueraders and spectators, will be photographing the “Greatest Show On Earth.” With advances in technology there is always confusion when it comes to the law as it relates to photography. Carnival itself is never devoid of controversy and this further complicates matters. Gone are the days where Carnival photographs are relegated to dusty old albums, or tucked away in grandma’s drawer. 

Today, photographs are shared instantly on Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms. The traditional definition of “magazine” now includes online blogs and digital productions.

Who owns the copyright in a photograph?
In copyright law, the author of a photographic work is the photographer. If a person or model (in a carnival costume) is featured in a photograph, they do not have any automatic rights to that photograph, but rather the ownership of the work remains vested in the photographer. 

Where a photographer takes a photo during the course of employment, the copyright in the photograph generally belongs to the employer. In the case of freelance photographers or short-term photography jobs however, the intellectual property rights are usually subject to the terms of the contract between the parties.

Privacy and image rights
There is no legal requirement in T&T that an individual’s permission should be obtained for taking a photograph in a public place. People should be mindful, however, of the constitutional right of an individual to respect for his/her private and family life and should exercise caution when taking photographs of minors. 

Accreditation and commercial photos
Organising bodies may restrict access to any venue (such as the Queen’s Park Savannah stage) for a live event and specifically award licences to accredited media for a fee. This applies particularly to photographs which are to be used for commercial purposes. Spectators may be bound by this rule in an official carnival judging venue, as it may be considered to be an implied term of the contract created by purchasing a ticket to access the venue.

Taking photos, ‘selfies’ while playing mas
Generally, masqueraders can freely share photographs that they take themselves, provided that the photographs are for non-commercial purposes. Bystanders, friends and family of masqueraders may also freely take photographs that are not in an official Carnival judging venue.

Uploading and sharing photos
By uploading and sharing a photograph on a social media site, you may lose your intellectual property rights to the photograph, as your terms of service as a user of the site may grant the site a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use the photograph in any way that it deems fit.



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