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In the wake of the discussion about the contribution of Andy Narell to the Panorama 2014 it seems reasonable (almost unavoidable ) that a TEST PIECE should be incorporated in the Panorama Mix.

This PIECE may be chosen in a song competition of its own and given to the bands in ample time before the Semis ( The Prelims could be judged on Tune of Choice only ) 

Bands who reach the Semis would therefore have to play two tunes... X minutes for the TEST PIECE, and  8 - X minutes for the Tune of Choice. The judging, marking system, and prize allocation would have to be worked out. 

This would add variety and break the monotony of an EIGHT minute Panorama rendition,challenge the  arrangers, and make it easier on the Pan follower (who is a judge in his / her own right ) but may not be familiar with all the songs which may be played by the bands; and therefore would not be able to discern fidelity to melody from added motifications.... I dare assume that the TEST PIECE would be given ample airing on the Radio Stations..  just saying.


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Was JUMP HIGH a popular tune?? But it won, didn't it??

Will someone please advise Pan Trinbago(ah hear dey doh deal wid WST) and TUCO to get together, make representation to the government for a joint radio station, for every year only a handful of us are able to listen to the numerous new calypsos on WST. Those existing radio station seldom play them and steelband music all year.

On the subject of the necessity of air play to win panorama, there have been exceptions, matter of fact, it happened this year, 'Jump High' came out late, got little airplay, was only on WST mere days before the semi-final, yet still won. For the past few years, would you please tell me how many of those pan songs( I have a problem with the term 'Pan songs', when pan can play anything) ware popular, how many can be remembered, now. 

I don't favour the 2 songs suggestion. The time for the staging of the competion would be long and drawn out; remember, most of the players are not music literate, so learning 2 tune with the amount of arrangements is going to also be time consuming, hence there would be need for the release of this test piece months ( maybe 4 to 5) before  the prelims. The changes I would like to see is in the points criteria, maybe points should be awarded for innovative and creative music, so bands wouldn't go to the competition year after year the same runs disguised, no matter how perfect and exciting they may sound. We need to stop the stagnation of the Panorama or soon it's going become like the bikini mas, lose its still popular. interest.

Clearly you people have plenty free time on your hands….where do you come up with these ideas and debates???


Fareed posted what he felt is a good suggestion, I don't see a problem in members responding one way or the other, after all it is a forum.

Merrytones, Odw said it best. Pan might be over with Panorama in Trinidad. It is not over on WST. That's a very good thing. Too bad these ideas and debates are not going on in Trinidad year round. We need more people like Fareed.


We are all obliged to keep trying to come up with new ideas in order to salvage pan culture, merrytones.  If you have none to offer, perhaps you stay quiet!




Two tunes for panorama? People will get bored hearing X amount of test pieces.A panorama tune cost bands a minimum of $40,000 upwards.Arrangers don't come cheap. How much for the second one? How many bands will have the money to pay since the majority are unsponsored and have things like tee shirts, racks,painting of pans etc.to deal with? Panorama finished at 4.30 am with one tune. Let the second one be the revival of Pan In The 21st Century which was held in April or could be later to have on going activity after Ash Wednesday.It was a non calypso competition no classics. It was shut down because of lack of funds/sponsorship,when TSTT pulled out. With The Greens netting 4.2 million dollarsand although it is alledged that one man went with 10% for "bringing off D Greens" Pan Trinbago can/ should do it themselves.

Arthur, The Wedding got much more air play than many other tunes, even more than some that were in the panorama. Who did not hear either went to work, to lime or had their radios off.


It is always good of  you to let us know what is the true reality of what a suggestion would require.

Many of us don't know what it cost  for a steelband to go to panorama.

You are a gentleman for not thinking that members in foreign ask dumb questions.

Thank you,Gerard Clarke! The idea of the revival of Pan in the 21st Century is a brilliant one .It could be held maybe in June to give the players and arrangers sufficient time to recover from the rigors of the Carnival season. This event could help to make  the movement more dynamic, to keep the players motivated, to generate funds and to accommodate the idea of the test piece.

Mr. Hinkson, thank you for your support! In every organisation of worth, open forum is encouraged and respected because it is one of the ways by which the planners within an organisation get a feel of the needs of their supporters and also how they are thinking. 

Elizabeth Bonair

Assuming, of course, Elizabeth, that "the plannners within an organisation" are interested in "the needs of thetir supporters and howthey are thinking".  Recent history (PT, etc.) indicates that such planners are much nore focussed on money than anything else.  We all complain about it, but fail to acknowledge the root of all the evil.



Obviously, the same arranger would have to arrange the "test piece", and if cost is too much of a burden because it would cost bands too much to pay him/her, then pan dead for real. If pan wasn't borne nor evolved  because of monetary incentive, then it can continue to survive without it, unless of course it is truly inferior to other musical cultures that have survived the ages.

Don't get me wrong, Gerard.  Money is now an integral part of every carnival activity/show, but it doesn't and shouldn't have to be that way.  If there is indeed no way for pan to survive without it, then the future is truly dim.



Nice Idea - Fareed, It maybe nice for bands to have another tune to work on especially since there is 2 weeks two prepare for finals after semis. It could be short and sweet 2 mins for semis and 3 for finals. Is does add to the length of the night but not much. Sounds like fun, change is good. Good to hear from you - Nigel, Did you get the tunes I sent you?-Mongoose


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