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Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! - From Pan Trinbago

“Pan Sweet Pan… The Solidarity Concert” a success

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Is this an official release from the governing body for pan that refers to MTHL Stralift instead of MHTL Starlift?


Straight from the PRESIDENT'S PEN!!!

And this COMPANY paying STARLIFT big big money ... at the very least THE WORLD GOVERNING BODY OF PAN could show some RESPECT!!!

Time to exercise BIG PICTURE THINKING...

Thankfulness, gratitude, and gratefulness: three words to describe a characteristic, a personality trait, and a way of living. People who live with an attitude of gratitude are known to live longer, sleep better, and have increased productivity and happier lives.

Well said owd, 'cept some too blind to see past their nose, ent.  Big Up and congrats to PT "doing something for pan", bravo and cheers!!!

Ah wonder if the players gettin ah lil kakadah for playin?

"Participating bands have contributed their performances free of charge while pledging their mutual support."

Pan Sweet Pan... The Solidarity Concert’ by Pan Trinbago

Posted by Pan Times on August 20, 2019 at 7:22pm in News


Pan, sweet pan at solidarity concert

Joan Rampersad

The Guyanese National Steel Orchestra was a pleasant addition to the cast. They opened their stint with jazzy versions of Kitchener’s Old Lady Walk a Mile and a Half, and Sparrow’s Obeah Wedding. They drew appreciative applause from the crowd.


Good for dem...

Nah, but they're doing sumptin for PAN.

Is it acceptable to make an error and not have it identified? Let us start to do it right because it is the right thing to do and not be defensive. This seems to be the norm these days. I saw a caption on TTT last Wednesday while broadcasting Renegades from Carifesta and it read "TT Panarama Champs 2019".

As a rule, it would be nice.  Reminds me when was asked to be a proofreader for the T&T Guardian back when I was just 14 years old, due to first-place in my English Essay secondary school exam and third-place in the newspaper competition.  I have found with the decline in grammar found in Social Media, it has crossed-over to all forms of media communications these days, where I see many of those types of errors.  The larger-scale organizations should rely more on "human" proofreaders and not just "cyber" ones, then just maybe they would catch more of those typo-errors before they are published.  But it should not detract from what PT has accomplished in this instance, should it?  Just IMHO.  

Ah man try to hold PAN TRINBAGO to a higher standard and EVERYBODY want to KILL THE MAN for that.

And then everybody does come on THIS FORUM spouting their HIGH FANTASY DRIVEN EXPECTATIONS for the ORGANIZATION.

But when you take off the rose-coloured glasses what you see is EXPLOITATION OF LABOUR, CORRUPTION, INCOMPETENCE and EXECUTIVE ARROGANCE.


Time to GET REAL!!!


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