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THANKSGIVING DAY!!! I am GIVING PRAISE to odw and earl richards and WST & all the other posters who enjoy putting up PAN and CALYPSO MUSIC or just LISTENING to the CALYSPO and PAN MUSIC that is PUT UP

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Thanks for the honorable mention Claude, since some things are no longer considered sacrilegious...I going to enjoy my

THANKSGIVING dinner with Family and Friends...as the saying goes where there's MEAT there's HEAT.

Nadia Batson - Fatt (Official Music Video) "2020 Soca" [HD]

SHAME: Controversy intensifies over bikini fashion show held in Trinidad church


Cecil Hinkson: Yuh know that I is ah man who has EVOVLED BEYOND GOD and dem kinda FAIRY TALES -- but when ah see THIS PICTURE ... ah suddenly want to GO TO CHURCH AGAIN!!!

Many thanks and much respect CLAUDE!!! We all appreciate your contributions to this Forum and want what's best for Pan in the MECCA.


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