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by Dr. Kenyon Williams

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Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - In the spring of 2012, Andy was invited by the band to come down and play in their June benefit concert at the National Academy for the Performing Arts (NAPA), which raises funds for both the Academy and for music scholarships for Academy graduates. After working with the students and performing in the benefit, Dennis Phillip asked Andy if he would be interested in serving as the band’s arranger for Panorama 2013. “I jumped at it!” Narell recalls.


But the vision of the board was much more than just bringing a new arranger to the panyard. “One of the reasons we talked to Andy was because of his network [of pan players],” states Dennis. “That wasn’t an accident, it was a strategy.”


birdsong invited Andy to bring international pan players with him. “They told me to go ahead, tell everybody, and not just tell everybody, but try to bring the Paris band,” said Andy. For over ten years, Narell has been working with a band of 25 to 30 players, which are a part of the Calypsociation School of Steelpan in Paris. Using this core group as his test vehicle, Andy began to write the music for birdsong’s Panorama composition in August and then began to teach it to the members of the band. Almost everyone who learned the piece wanted to come, and 22 soon made the commitment to travel to Trinidad.

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Claude do you think maybe it has something more to do with Andy's name not being on this list WST put together. http://whensteeltalks.ning.com/page/champion-arrangers-Trinidad



Noah maybe Narell should arrange for a small band or enter one of the other islands panorama and work his way up the ladder after establishing himself.


Bugs, I like that idea. I doubt Mr. Narell would like it, though. (Want to kill a beast? Go for the jugular! lol.)

Ghost Who Knows Trinidad and Tobago IS That "Jugular".


I'll tell you the difference, we all know that Bradley has arrange tunes that has an up-tempo,on the other hand Andy's tempo is always laid back, does he have a problem with up tempo?

I didn't know that Bradley's past and future body of work determined that a dirge should win panorama.

And besides, I would not call "Coffee Street" lacking in tempo. 

Noah, I realize that many of us are on different pages in this discussion.

I'm thinking of Panorama music as a relatively new music genre that. is growing and evolving and will continue to do so as the art form become more widespread.

Others are seeing it strictly in terms of Panorama as a  cultural event, where any deviation from the cultural norms are seen as sacrosanct.

Different pages, different view points.

And BTW. panorama music wasn't always a separate genre, it used to be   arrangements of calypso music played on pan.

However the music has changed, and yes, one of the chief instigators and originators of this change was the great Mr. Ray Holman.

And that is why I use the term " classical music for pan"


Panorama IS a cultural event, held every year during the carnival season where steelbands compete with one another playing the music of the land namely calypso but now has composers doing music specifically for it.

Kind of like what I said, isn't it Cecil ?

I know panorama is a cultural event . Believe it on not, I even participated in the event  on several occasions in my youth.

I just added that it also is a new music genre.

Are you arguing just to argue?

I don't see your point

OK Noah, how Narel did with Coffee Street compared to the Last Word?

What does that have to do with anything? Your point was that he doesn't arrange uptempo music, which he has, regardless of how it placed.

Noah, My point is that Andy is hearing the music as a laid back kind of music which it is not most of times. Coffee Street had tempo but it was still laid back. As I have said before don't bring ah bow and arrow to ah gun fight.


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