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The bomb tunes of the 60s was one of the high points of the Steelband thus far, we have moved so far from that it's hard to visualize that there was such a period.

What have we done to the steelband in the name of progress.

Glenroy, odw, Val please take us back with some of the bomb tunes from this period on this snow filled Tuesday, lets show young people where the steelband went back in the day.

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Earl did you see Valentine Young post of Words are Impossible? the jacket says Neville Jules that's where I got it, if it's incorrect what can we do?

Earl Richards is correct!!!

<iframe width="475" height="267" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/rp_HS74wSkg" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

I was told by two people that "Words are Impossible" was not arranged by Neville Jules, the arrangers were Leon Smooth Edwards, Anthony Guy, Anthony Guerra and Bunny Wells.

Valentine might be right but this is the book I got it from:

Forty Years of Steel: An Annotated Discography of Steel Band and Pan Recordings, 1951-1991 by Jeffrey Thomas

Cecil How about High and Mighty By Hilanders. This was Well Done.

Yes Val, well done, Hilanders wasn't easy.

Cecil and Val, there has been a bomb competition on Monday night for years at Adam Smith square on Ariapita avenue and for years it has been poorly attended. Some steelbands don't come out after jouvert due to players in mas bands and other steel bands who played mas or came from the west passed there during the day and not again in the night. Also when bands are heading home west,you have a skeleton band as players who live Port of Spain and environs or east,they leave to go home. The point is the Bomb on Monday night has been an abject failure. I recall standing out there and all we had was one single pan band and two conventional.

Yes Sir Gerard, That is Exactly The Same Thing That I am Telling Cecil.  Bombs Were Made Especially For Jourvert Morning - The Chipping in The Dark as The Sun Rises in The Early Morning after Partying Whole Night You Aint Sleep and Your Body Running on Fumes  Lol.

Cecil Another Invaders Classic


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