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What a sad show - with WIADCA as the "Evil Empire" up for best actor and USSA up for best supporting actor for the role of "King Stupid".  

USSA you betrayed the New York pan community.

If I was WIADCA, I would not pay the steelbands for 2016 and 2017. They did not play on any stage.  And they sent the judges home. This was not a Panorama. I've seen better band launches than this.

So sad. RIP.

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Bugs, this truly was a sad day, but how much of it was making good of an already bad situation?

Cecil there has to be some minimum standards that you will not go under. Antigua Pan stood up and got everything they wanted and all back prize money that was owed to them. Grenada Pan stood up and avoided global embarrassment. I'm sure everything will be as it should be in Grenada next year.

New York Pan bent over and went begging and looked what happened. The gods pissed on them.


That's right, the gods pissed on them for being overly stupid. How can anyone be so stupid as to go on a promise when you're already owed thousands of dollars?. It was a sign from the pan gods, Rudolph, Bertie, Spree and a host of others. It never should have happened.

The 'steelpan' continues to drag the blanket of confusion along, wherever it goes and wherever we are involved. I haven't heard yet of any problems in Ohio, Sweden, Japan and other parts of the globe.
There was bachanal last night and confusion today, dais how it is with "steelpan". It is cursed, period.

I don't know what transpired Patrick, but I will not use the word cursed concerning pan and anything that belongs to me. I understand your frustration but God is good and out of adversity and hardship He brings the best to us. Take heart. Doh "curse" we ting.

I agreed with you Mr. Fyfe.  I don't play pan, but I am a lover of it.  I support my son and my nephew every year in Panorama and I am around it since a child.  I hope things work out next year for Brooklyn Panorama, because I intend to be there.  God Bless our SteelPan our National Instrument.

Yuh mean one of these days, everything will be smooth, yes? I do agree though, that "God is good".

That's right, Sherman, our genius is not, was not and could never be a curse. I don't want to bring the race card but Mr. Ramdoo has to be looking at the African genius from another perspective to call on of the greatest acoustic musical instruments ever invented, cursed. Is we ting. Peace.

patrick ramdoo it's not the "steelpan" that's curse, it's some ah we own Trini people that bring a negative vibe to the instrument.

I guess I used the wrong terminology there, like I always say "is we ting" Buh we doh know what to do with it. Apologies to pan lovers incl. meh self. Lol.
Aquil, in his post says there is a bad spirit surrounding the instrument. I tend to agree with him too.
Cecil, I just found out that there was no competition, just a big block party in the museum. What the hell is that? All the bands performed for a fee. I am trying to find another word for curse, but nothing's coming up.
Somebody messing with we head for a long time, how loooong again?

patrick ramdoo, I read somewhere the pan factory in Akron made over a million last year, in France I saw about 5-6 people with pan around the necks moving through a shopping mall playing with others dancing behind, we are seeing people enjoying the steelpan all over the world but anywhere Trini run things is confussion yuh ever wonder why?


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