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The Desperadoes - One of the greatest steelpan music recordings ever

Released in 1981 on the Charisma label, The Desperadoes, known throughout the world simply as the grey album, is considered the finest steelpan music recording ever by many. The impact of this release is still influencing steel orchestras all over the world today.


The Queen's Mom is a Desperaodoes

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This album is very good and remarkable for its studio production... other excellent albums:

-Starlift "Carnival 70"
-Solo Harmonites "How Yuh Sweet So" 1975
-Invaders "Carnival 69"
-Despers "Pan In Honey" 1976

But the actual BEST? Its not an LP but Samaroo Jets "Two To Go" is untouchable in terms of execution, diversity of repertoire, and tonal quality...

Everybody should own a copy of this Desperadoes album. Wicked.


Dont forget Gay Flamingoes with Poet and Peasant

Bede, watch yuh mouth boi, how you know that the Flamingoes was Gay?

ask despers, lol

Bede, all of those old Flamingoes LPs are great. They, Solo, and Starlift were extremely prolific in the seventies when it came to releasing albums just about every year....

Noah, don't forget Silver Stars, famous for their Bass line

no steel orchestra in the world can top we(desperadoes ) ah know the pans don't sound sweet like long time , but we still have a unique sound . the best recording steel orchestra album , ah doh put ma two cents in all yuh conversation , all yuh must learn to give full credit  where it is due  sometimes . ah know sometimes it have other bands arrangements that sound better than we , but some of all yuh . if all yuh band beat shit , all yuh band must still win every competition all yuh enter , before ah leave we must big up the tuners and arrangers and all who was involve this master piece . Mr Bede Lopez like yuh forget Casablanca with 1812 Overture , please excuse my spelling errors ah got to go


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