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Arima Golden Symphony performing “A Blue Crescendo” amassed 432 points, some 13 points ahead of its nearest rival, Tornadoes, also playing “A Blue Crescendo”.

The other six qualifying bands making it to the “big yard” on Wednesday 18th February along with the finalists in the Medium Band category are:-

* Laventille Serenaders Wild & Wonderful Olatunji - 418
* San City Steel Symphony A Blue Crescendo De Fosto - 417
* Panosonic Connection A Blue Crescendo De Fosto - 413
* Casablanca Dangerous Anslem Douglas/Colin Lucas - 399
* Tunapuna All Stars Melosian Rhapsody Baron - 397
* Fascinators Pan Symphony Signal To Lara Superblue - 393

Medium bands’ finalists will be announced on Wednesday.

In addition to sweet pan music, patrons attending the Finals on Wednesday will have an opportunity to win two (2) airline tickets to any North American destination courtesy Caribbean Airlines.

In other related news the Tobago leg of the National Panorama Semi Finals will now take place on Tuesday 10th February 2009 at the Dwight Yorke Stadium, Tobago, from 8:00 pm.

This change was due to the premature end of last Saturday’s event.

As a result, the Tobago House of Assembly Conventional Champs competition scheduled for Tuesday 10th February will be held on a date to be announced.

click here for full panorama coverage

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Wow! No Merrytones?
Yes Dika...no Merry Tones...but also...no Pan Elders too...they won last year..actually since the begining of the competiton we and they have been the leading lights of the competition...one thing I'll say is that the quality of the competition has improved by leaps and bounds...so it's all good...well for me at least...kinda...lol...we just have to dust our pants off and come again stronger next year...
Well dust off right but it is hard to take.
I heard the south bands. Why no Pan Elders really beats me. I liked San City too but....some explaining is in order. The judges comments would be interesting.
dey say that the judges decision is final, but i really can't understand the decisions to begin with!!
congrats to the finalist nonetheless....
It's good to see Tornadoes doing well again.
It was shocking to me that the reigning Champs Pan Elders didn't make it...WOW...... Congrats to Tornadoes who rised back up,as for San City and Panasonic congrats for making it to the Final rounds 4th an 5th
Big up to laventille serenaders and mr.Herbert for comin 3rd. As everyone know bands cannot practice properly on the hill because of the crime, so it is hard to get players to go up there and play. they was the smallest of all the bands, so once again big up to serenaders.
how can a band go from second overall and fall to ninth, Pan Elders must have fallen asleep and I did not notice. Who are these judges. But at least three south small bands are in and I am so happy for Tornados
Is it possible to hear "Blue Crescendo" I don't think I've heard it yet!
some say we were a mess some glad we out i played for the two years every dog has their day i guess it was not meant to be but we still have de road to jam an pan in de 21st century no finals Pan Elders next year ppl and i have no fear we will rise but for de wile big up to all de south bands give them hell jam dem i say so break de up town curse try an keep it in south
Congrats to BJ Marcelle and Arima Golden Symphony for winning semis. Doh worry, dey go find out bout' you soon again. Leading in two categories and homing in for the wins,,,,,they go learn about you again soon....


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