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For over 50 years the world enjoyed the scintillating music of Trinidad's steelband. Audiences all over the world were spellbound and amazed that such a rich tonal quality of music could come from discarded steel drums.

After decades of hard work under the guidance of George Goddard the steelband movement held its first panorama competition in 1963, and following this, pan emerged in 1992 as the national instrument of Trinidad and Tobago.

The bands comprised mainly of unemployed young black men who often found themselves in confrontation with the police. But after Trinidad became independent, the new government moved to change the image of 'panmen' as they were called. Official involvement in the movement was evident with the hiring of bands to perform at social functions. Corporate sponsorship was also encouraged to provide bands with funds to purchase drums and pay for arrangers, tuners and uniforms.

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Here I go again with my pan trivia.                                                                                                                             

Can you name the arranger and Steel Orchestra that placed 2nd in at the first Panorama?

How many points Anthony Williams/North Stars amass for their win?.

What was the 3rd prize Dollar amount?

What day of the week was the first panorama?

Lets make this fun. If you know all of the answers good for you (lol)

PNM till i die

The band that came second was sundowners from south, the arranger was Steve Regeis

The Panorama Prelims were held on a Sunday afternoon.    The finals most likely was held on Carnival Sunday night.

Ian; who was the NO.1 band in the first Panorama and what part of the country were they from.

I know you will get the answers to those two parts.I know because I played with the band.

                                                                                                  Rudy Walker  ( DC )

By the way I also played with City Symphony (St.Paul St.)

Ian, What is the name of the first band to play  in the 1963 prelims and what area  were they from?


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