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The lack of media coverage for Panorama preliminaries, helps or hurt the art form and it's progression?

It's been sometime since I posted here, I've refrain from doing so because at time the conversation becomes a bit unproductive. Today I am stirred by the lack of pan event coverage. I believe there are people around the world who play, listen and love pan. We are longing to hear see and feel what is happening.

To whom it concerns, the men and women who say they are dedicated to the promotion and development of the steelpan and pannists worldwide. Please bring us out the darkness and begin broadcasting, streaming or reporting on pan events in an expeditious and timely manner.

Do you believe the lack of media coverage helps or hurt the art form and it's progression?


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Glad to see someone starting a fresh topic, Andy.

PAN has its own energy!!! Broadcast or no broadcast (media coverage or no media coverage) PAN  will continue with its journey around the world. Continent by continent, one at a time.

Of course, it is CARNIVAL TIME and everybody wants the FREE FEED. But this TRINIDAD CONTRIBUTION to the world of music is not necessarily linked to broadcasting PANORAMA EVENTS.

Stay POSTING, Andy!!!

Andy, If they broadcast all the Bands from the Prelim' it will become boring, Its a difference just listening on Video/Audio

 and being at the Savannah  liming and all the Bands on the Drag beating their pan


Like many topics on WST, it's not that fresh. It hinders and does not help, period. http://www.panonthenet.com/tnt/2013/oped/no-pan-1-28-2013.htm

I would agree with you Andy in saying there is a 'lack of coverage'...As a player of pan and a lover of pan music, I have noticed that this has been a problem for a few years re the panorama season....which can be quiet frustrating and at times somewhat annoying....To say that broadcasting all the bands would become 'boring' is a impoverished and precarious response....boring to who? Based on who's perception?  The lack of coverage creates a gulf not only to those who reside in Trinidad but also to the masses across the globe...We need to bridge the gap....how? by using the resources that are at hand...Technological advances are available to assist in the area of coverage....In this day and age this should not be a challenge ...On a few occasions I have asked questions about coverage, I am yet to receive a response....Please understand that my endeavor is not to have a dig...you are providing a great service but in my humble opinion there is a lack in this area...It is of vital importance that we are meeting the needs of the people and not making decisions or formulating opinions based on our own perceptions....

FYI, I got confirmation from 2 well placed sources that CNMG will be covering the semis on television from 12 noon Sunday. This is good news given the lack of coverage last year. On a different note, we need to start a lobby for Pan Trinbago to allow the technicians at UTT to post audio of the bands from their panyard prelims. The site was unceremoniously pulled last week with no return date mentioned. This is another case of himself shooting himself in the foot and applauding, and it must stop.

Thanks so much for this information.....I live in London and therefore will not be able to view the panorama via Tevelsion...Last year I listened via Wack radio....Just to add I would usually keep up to date with bands via Reverbnation and yes you are right in saying that the feed is no longer available. and no return date....I have posted questions and yet to receive a response....Not acceptable...Maybe I need to start a lobby from this end.....

This is crazy.....every year thousand of us look to Trinidad and Pan Trinbago leadership to help us promote and encourage the Genre and culture of Steel Pan Globally - It's all about the music.....and one thing I was extremely pleased with was the Pan Trinbago "Revernation" site - What a resource for us who cannot be there to hear it for ourselves. But, like JD said - another "shoot yourself in the foot" move...2 steps forward and 10 steps back.....no consistency at all......Does the Pan world in TNT have any voice in their own musical culture?......just asking.....or is it about money? (As usual).

It comes down too the power brokers in the Mecca who don't see beyond their shores. Foreigners see the whole picture and often times when they try to get involve they run in to locals that feel  they come to take something away from them.

My father, "Papa D" used to say speding some time in foreign was good for Trinis as they tended to better see the forest and the trees back home.  The Big Picture provided much better insight into problems and solutions. Foreign versus Local – The Mindset That Separates And Conquers A Na...

Much thanks folks for chiming in folks.

The question was posted after listening to a program where the announcer spoke of the advancement garnered by a sport as a result of media coverage, and the revenue generated as interest of the sport grew as a result of media coverage.

Humbly, I hope that our words are unlike a tree that falls in a forest.

Andy: T&T is one BIG forest.

Andy: Many responders did not focus on the question because it came at the end of the posting. They kinda miss the point of the post!!!


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