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I always grew up hearing about "Moruga" as the place with the "bogeyman" .."plenty Obeah" .. "moaning Ground" ..etc..
This I believe is in direct response to the fact that the Merikins were isolated and the British Colonial rulers did not want this group of "freemen" to mix with the rest of enslaved Africans to make them wise about their freedom. So the British  segregated them in hope of keeping them away from the masses.
It is probably here where all the "taboo" about Moruga began taking shape ... What do you think?

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Yes Pan Times,

I did read up on the WST parts. It is all so very interesting and informative. Really should be taught in all schools.

they never taught us this in my school time in Trinidad. We learnt about "Sir Walter Raleigh" and "Sir Francis Drake" but we learnt nothing about "the Merikins"

The things "they never thought us school" continues to be both fascinating and problematic.  At the end of the day it is our responsibility to teach ourselves and each other.

Hi Salah

This video was posted on WST in 2016 check the replys here

You can find additional info on the Merikins in the WST post 

"Out of pain this culture was born - The Steelband of Trinidad &...


check the full article here http://www.panonthenet.com/exclusive/2011/out-of-pain-4-8-2011.htm ;

Pan Times, I went back into reading the "Out of pain this culture was born" ..still so fascinating and rich ..learnt more stuff all the time ..would like to meet and talk with Dr.Gerry Kangalee and Dr. Brinsley Samaroo. Very interesting

Thanks for posting all of this important and informative information.

Thanks Claude, this adds to this interesting phenomenon

Salah: You could write a WHOLE BOOK on this subject!!!


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