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The Steelpan – From Our Small Island To The Middle East - Have we dropped the ball in promoting the steelpan on a global scale? Do you think it is appreciated more by other countries?

Author - Hadassah Charles-McLeod

What we know…

Caribbean Vybez International is an entertainment company based in the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.).  For more than 7 years, they have been a pioneer in promoting Caribbean culture in that region of the world. Recently they signed a deal with Michael Gabriel and Allan Poteon, leading pannists originally from Trinidad and Tobago. Now based in Boston and Germany respectively, both men have been spreading our local culture to various countries around the globe. They will be moving to Dubai next month to execute the next phase in the promotion of Caribbean culture through steelpan education and development.

Caribbean Vybez International intends to host a series of workshops geared towards teaching the art of steelpan, building and producing new instruments to be exported around the world and providing entertainment to hotels, restaurants, beach clubs and more.

Dubai and the rest of the Middle East will now enjoy the sweet sounds of steelpan and be transported to the Caribbean through this beautiful instrument.

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makin g and tuning pan is a specialist art and we don't want every tom, dick  and harry to be taught this art. this way it remains unique to t t. how may piano tuners do u know? I am sure u know plenty piano players. the Italians have kept the violin making to themselves, so let us keep the pan making and tuning a trini thing

It's kind of late to tell that to ELLIE MANNETTE and CLIFFORD ALEXIS!!!

I agree with you on that score, but there is no proliferation of tuners globally, that's why even in North America Trini tuners are still in demand. You could learn the basics of tuning but it takes a long time to perfect it.  A little thing about Ellie. He left Trinidad with a grouse against the government and people. For years he refused to come home. I guess by now he may have changed'

Sherman: Two things!!! I want to buy a copy of your book so send me an email at realtyeyes@hotmail.com and we will make the arrangements.

And the second thing (and I am asking this favour based on your postings) I want you to give me some direction (or run with the baton) on how we could get GLENROY JOSEPH nominated for a NATIONAL AWARD either in 2018 or 2019.

Glenroy has done more for PROMOTING our MUSIC (both Pan and Calypso) for decades and I would like to see an EXPAT recognized for his CONTRIBUTION to the CULTURE.

We could mix a little SERIOUSNESS in the middle of all the WST OLE TALK!!!

What the hell do you thikg I do school buddy , just tune pan alone, I tune paino for "Barry Manalow" in D.C. Billy Preston and Earth Wind And Fire in Charlotte North Carolina in 1976, and I can play any Percussive Instrument, and I'm also glad the Ellie ran us out of Invaders Pan Yard ha ha ha, good luck with the book, U did good ole School Buddy...

Hey  JJJ. Good 2 see u back. Like yuh get the lap top fixed. Gerald Clarke making sense. The Min. of Cult' had a number of tuning courses over the last 10 to 15 years and still we don't have many good tuners, while the top ones overworked. It takes years to perfect the art of tuning steelpans.

London Gabriel,people don't want to learn  TO MAKE PANS! That is too many years of sheer hard work and dedication,longer than becoming a medical practitioner. What they want is a blending or rather "a note fixing crash course," to show them where and how to hit to get a note(s) sharp or flat.They refuse to accept that this is not a theory but an art that is most intricate.Many are walking out of courses with a certificate and cannot prepare and tune a two note dup up.


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