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I will continue to advocate, Panorama in addition to being the cash cow of the movement, as the highlight of any panman's career, as the most important vehicle for the steel band, the best opportunity available to any steel,band to showcase their marketability to potential clients globally. The opportunities to market one's band are numerous, the opportunity to meet people of all nationalities, status, and walks of life in an informal environment to sell their product is endless. Why do you believe that there are trade shows and expos globally? They are marketing strategies put on by countries, communities to showcase their products, to the world where deals are made on the spot. Panorama is an annual steel band expo, and the inexperience of many steel band leaders and management does not allow them to take advantage of the opportunities that exist on the drag among the crowds listening them warm up for their eight minutes of glory. That is the time when the marketing resource in steel bands should be most active meeting people, knowledgeably sharing with them their availability, their versatility, their repertoires, their contact information for contractual arrangements. 

International marketing strategy for the steel band in not rocket science as the untrained mind would be inclined to believe. The opportunities are available under your noses, Panorama is the platform for launching any steel band's international marketing initiative. Progressive and insightful members should be advocating for a steel band pavilion (among other things) which could open at panorama semi finals, the biggest show of the carnival season, and close on the night of the finals. A steel band pavilion at what should be appropriately called THE ANNUAL STEELBAND EXPOSITION where each steel band whether you make it or not to that stage of the competition would have a booth staffed with their members or agents showcasing and promoting their product, for recording, for performing, for the supply of instruments, for the supply of tutors etc. Steel bands should be prepared with suitable tangible material to market their products, brochures, CDs, and the like. There are enough opportunities available globally for every steel band in Trinidad and Tobago, but the selfishness and greed of some steel band leaders and owners does not allow them to see past the assistance to bands, the $1000/$500, the ghosts that they would register to defraud the government of revenue by registering 75 players although your band has only 50. Let us see who will be the first to implement this suggestion, let us see who possess the ability to articulate this idea for acceptance among the general membership and the steel band fraternity.

Peace, Love, Respect.


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The VISION vs The REALITY a challenge for Steelband Managers. How do you develop your BUSINESS PLAN?

What percentage of revenue do you pay  PTB for operating your booth on the drag?  Is 10% "kickback" standard operating procedure??? 

Does Panorama brings in hundreds, thousands, or millions of US dollars in revenue for TNT or it brings in nothing and is a burden on Tax payers hard earned monies ?

Posted by earl richards on December 12, 2016 at 10:15pm in Panorama

Does Panorama add hundreds, thousands, or millions of US and other foreign currencies to the Government and people of Trinidad and Tobago or does it brings in nothing and is a big burden to Tax payers hard earned monies. Does it brings in more than what is allocated for the staging of Panorama or is it a waste of time and Tax dollars. Now if there is no Panorama 2017 will it affect the revenue that comes in at Carnival  or the revenue if any it brings in for the carnival season will not be missed. Some members on this forum has been calling for a boycott of the 2017 Panorama until it can be fixed or returned to one category and stop players from playing in more that one band which causes players to have no loyalty to any band and that steelbands are dying. To me it seems if steelbands are dying then they are making children because every year there are more steelbands registering for Panorama especially in the single Pan category. I see no problem of some WST members suggesting a boycott of Panorama 2017., But my simple question is, are they thinking of panorama as a whole or are they thinking only of themselves and not Trinidad and Tobago. inquiring minds would like to be educated. NUFF said BLESSINGS EVERYONE.



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