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Time for Minister Dolly to make a move or leave. Players still waiting for pay..

Clearly the Pan Gangstas are still running the show. Minister Dolly has more than enough public evidence to indict the whole exec board at Pan Trinbago and more. There has been more than enough time to deal with this.

Exhibit A - eyewitness Bryon Serrette  https://whensteeltalks.ning.com/video/vp-serrete-resigns-from-pan-t... 

Exhibit B - Bryon Serrette's June report to Pan Trinbago Executive board

Exhibit C - PKF financial report https://whensteeltalks.ning.com/forum/topics/pan-trinbago-facing-34...

Exhibit D - Pan Trinbago's response 


Exhibit E - Luxury Cars waiting to be picked up. 

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bugs: I read all your posts and I have a lot of respect for your intelligence. But I think that you have been living in FOREIGN for much too long and you have forgotten the STREET RULES (ah just make ah accidental PUN) in T&T.

So go far back into your childhood and ask yourself: Can a SCHOOL GIRL from Newalloville walk down the SADDLE ROAD and confront a BAD JOHN from the CROISEE? Ah San Juan All Stars BAD JOHN at dat? She can't even look him in the eye -- much less!!!


True Dat Claude

But in 2016 there is no eye to eye contact anymore or needed. People are fired, marriages are declared over and folks end up in jail with simply a text message.  In addition, the marching orders will come from upstairs. The current Prime Minister does not believe in Panorama. And Pan Trinbago's only real purpose is to run Panorama.  A golden opportunity to take control.


BTW, doh take me on for the next month or so. I went from CONCUSSION to CATATONIC early Wednesday Morning. Only enough consciousness to know that DIAZ EH GOING NO WHEY!!!

Claude I thought GS was going to score 400 point last night. Too bad Pan Trinbago doesn't have that type of talent backing them.


Like PM Dr Rowley has to intervene or what?

me think so Ayesha


Bugs man...why you trying to disrupt my/our little moment of entertainment for?...Let the State Witness continue with his testimony and leh we continue getting info nah?...When this case resolve (if atall) the only thing we have left is who win Panorama and who t'ief who...You self man!!...

merrytonestothebone: In all SERIOUSNESS. You know that 99% of my postings are laced with sarcasm and cynicism and tongue-in-cheek. And that is that. But when you put up a post it has its level of injected comedy but it is also coming from historic, current and front row seat observations. Yet nobody doh take yuh words as gospel.

I love your choice of words here ("STATE WITNESS" and "TESTIMONY" and "IF ATALL") -- nobody could have put it better as the STATE WITNESS continues to grab every form of microphone (repeating the same story over and over again like a campaign slogan) trying to become the next PRESIDENT of PAN TRINBAGO.

Ah still waiting for them to resolve the murder of the JAPANESE GIRL (90% of the posters on this forum prayed to God and assured us that the murder would be found and sentenced to death). Once Dolly and Rowley solve that case I think they will focus their attention on the CASE OF THE MISSING $34.5 MILLION.

By the way: Who yuh think going and win PANORAMA this year?

ey ey you Claude...doh say I say eh?...

But as yuh mention panorama...how come de State Witness didn't sing about band-hopping, and band swapping, as soon as he join the Executive ranks?....I guess that baccahanal wasn't juicy enough...he help dem waste down Beverly and Co. and now looking for public support because he get a divorce in he tail...yuh ever hear more...?

Merrytones why are giving away the script before the sequel setup/  The State Witness is working on an Oscar nomination and a guaranteed hero part in the sequel as he knows where all the bodies are buried and has more evidence to release if necessary.


but a a ....is you who begging for the movie to end...Ah feel we own "Cecil B DeMille" that writing this script...lol...we better ask him when de lady minister go pull de plug...


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