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Time to tender for Carnival? Minister Lincoln Douglas causes a stir...

By Wayne Bowman  - Trinidad Express

Recently installed Minister of the Arts and Multiculturalism, Dr Lincoln Douglas left listeners perplexed when he said during the launch of Tribe Mas Band's C2K13 presentation Butterflies, Beasts, Bacchanal on Saturday, that he wants to franchise Carnival to individuals or organisations, including foreigners.

Douglas said he intends to invite proposals from anyone who believes they can produce the best Carnival in Trinidad, including people from New Jersey, whom he said he visited recently. The remark did not appear to find favour with those listening.

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Mr Minister you are on the right track, it is time the government get out of Carnival. Carnival in T&T is big business, Panorama, Calypso, Chutney, Masquerade, Soca Monarch they all can take care of themselves by going private. If they cannot produce the show - step aside

Carnival belongs to the people of Trinidad and Tobago. It is not food stall. The A**H**es (excuse my french) who like to follow the so called developed world with their ill thought-out ideas and their hunger to make money on the backs of others. BEWARE!!

People the world over, have tried to copy our carnival (with the exception of Brazil) and to a lesser extent New Orleans.

All they have succeeded in doing is turning it in to some all inclusive car boot sale in a straight jacket.

Bands must pass this way. Stages must be sited here. Parades must stop at this O'clock. All rubbish!

let the masqueraders decide.

If you want to raise the profile and bring in the tourist then advertise it. Make sure your hotels can cater for it.

Next thing you're hearing is Coca Cola Carnival - Santander carnival - Microsoft Carnival.

Ah doh mind Kirpalani Carnival or Angostura Carnival but it must be first and foremost Trinidad and Tobago Carnival.

Nothing more nothing less.

What he doesn't say is when he sells the first franchise, who go pocket de money? Them thieving politicians?

Nah Nah Nah No Way.

I agree with you wholeheartedly why does Trinidad have to lose claim to one of the greatest show on earth. It would be like the steelpan,every Country can claim it for their own. As to tribes they should name the band bras,bikini,and beautiful wings

Here we go again, Trini looking to share the "CASH COW" wid people from foreign. We doh need anyone to tell we how we carnival should or shouldn't be. What we need is to find out if there is a way for whole country to benefit from it rather than just a few people.

Investors from New Jersey? I hope it's not the Sopranos, Jersey Shore's Snooki or worst the Kardashians. LMAO


Aye Bugs, yuh think it's time for we to start calling back for Gypsy? lol

I do hope that this Minister Mr Lincoln Douglas read my question and answer it on WST,,,,ah wan know from where Carnaval Begin? now as far as i,m concerned this is trying to sell out part of the T&T  Culture to Foreigners,,,i don,t agree with this nonsense, totally out of order,Respect.

Mostly foreign costumes by the private big shot band leaders now Minister Douglas wants to go further by selling Carnival to foreign business. Why don't he sell his PP Government to foreign business. After all the PP is more  a big business than a political party. They already represent business at the expense of the majority of Trinbagonians. Wait and see how quick he backs down when he realizes his stupidity will see the end of his political career.

The Minister throw out a discussion, this is what it is A DISCUSSION...are we civilized ?

The Minister threw out an insult to our ability to continue to manage a celebration we ran for 174 years? He is insulting the national intelligence not trowing out a discussion.

Cecil Paul is into politics, not carnival or steelpan. "Are we civilized"? Not yet, we are working on it.

Was it not a politician who threw out the issue for discussion? Is this not an issue that will ultimately be decided by politicians? I don't belong to any political party but certainly was involved with various aspects of Carnival. Are you questioning our civility because some of us disagree with the Minister's suggestion?


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