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Time to tender for Carnival? Minister Lincoln Douglas causes a stir...

By Wayne Bowman  - Trinidad Express

Recently installed Minister of the Arts and Multiculturalism, Dr Lincoln Douglas left listeners perplexed when he said during the launch of Tribe Mas Band's C2K13 presentation Butterflies, Beasts, Bacchanal on Saturday, that he wants to franchise Carnival to individuals or organisations, including foreigners.

Douglas said he intends to invite proposals from anyone who believes they can produce the best Carnival in Trinidad, including people from New Jersey, whom he said he visited recently. The remark did not appear to find favour with those listening.

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Patrick, u should know more than most, d people who contribute to d advancement of d cause where people into politics. Lennox Pierre, Roy Joseph to name a few. So, y pull at Cecil Paul? Let me remind u, if u forget. D place for d minister to throw out a discussion is with the intrest Groups around d table, not d in d media or d man in d street. We display our thirdworld mentalitywhen we as a nation and people put in place instutions that we fail to mentain and respect. The intrest groups were not establish for style. They were all establish as Institutions that help to hold the fabric of the society together. Disrespect one and you disrespect all. To get this thing off the ground and running, the goodly Minister only have to meet with the Intrest groups with an open mind, and he would learn so much. Hope that false pride and over inflated egos don't get in the way.


Gentlemen, the new Minister should be told that he not only have to answer to people in T&T but Trini all over the world. He is accountable to "D Court of Public Opinion" here on WST and we ain't easy so he better walk ah straight line. He could blame it all on social media.lol

Cecil, ent? lol. Not just social media, but this information clearinghouse known as the internet, where ANY ONE can research on questions they have. And, man, does it take you to some very interesting places...


Reply by Royce Russell 39 minutes ago

Douglas wants to invite foreign investment for Carnival

By Sue-Ann Wayow sue-ann.wayow@trinidadexpress.com

July 23, 2012

"Carnival would become more organised and participants can make more money if there was foreign investment, Minister of Arts and Multiculturalism, Dr Lincoln Douglas, said yesterday.

Last Saturday, during the launch of Tribe Mas Band's C2K13 presentation Butterflies, Beasts, Bacchanal, Douglas said he wanted to franchise Carnival to individuals or organisations, including foreigners."....


ROYCE RUSSELL, delete this post above headlined "Douglas wants to invite foreign investment for Carnival" immediately.  You and a couple other members have been warned repeatedly about posting content from other publications in their entirety, with reference to potential copyright issues.  However you continue to do so.

You will be banned from this forum if this post is not removed, and if you engage again in this practice.

Only two or three paragraphs may be posted, depending on the length of the content, with a link back to the original content.


Ah doh know wah the Minister is talking about, where ever in the world there is Trini style carnival it is run by Trinis and there is corruption. It is only in Toronto you have some involvement by the city and they are there to safe guard the money they put out and make a profit, I don't see too much rubbing off on the Black Community. 

Mr Minister before you go to foreigners [non Trins] invite Trinis the world over to help you find ways to make carnival  profitable for all.

A good place to start is by setting up a web site where people can submit their proposals.

A reward for workable ideas might not be bad.

If dey seh dat dey ain,t meking money ,,,,LET THE   MINISTER DOUGLAS   QUESTION ,,,,PANTRINBAGO,,,Respect.

It may be time for the government to get out of carnival and let business spend their money and not taxpayers. Changes come weather people prepare for it or not. It is too costly to sustain using the public coffers to susidize carnival. Let the masbands, all the other shows and the businesses who make a profit from the carnival put their own money into the carnival. As for the panorama, we shall see....     .


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