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Kudos and a very special thank you are being extended by the members of the " Slate" referred to as the New Visionaries to those band delegates who decided to take up the mantle and speak out on behalf of Fair Treatment which must be given to all delegates of member bands, and by extension the entire pan fraternity at meetings.
In the recently held meeting by Pan Trinbago at the CWU Hall on Henry Street, Port of Spain on the evening of Wednesday October 7th 2015, some band delegates stood up, steadfast and resolute to boldly voice their opinions, which resulted in two critical events occurring.
In the first event, some band delegates stated clearly that they were no longer willing to have the executive keep spending the funds of the organization on legal matters versus the New Visionaries. They felt that the funds [lawyers’ costs – which would be a hefty bill] could be put to better use in assisting bands in the fraternity. This appeared to garner wide support from all present.
In the second event, the rescinding of the “persona non grata” motion and the full reinstatement of the Directors of the New Visionaries was brought to the floor. This was done in the form of a motion to the membership present and the result is as follows: For – 36: Against – 4: Abstain– 4
Once again our heartfelt and heartiest thanks to all of you.

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I believe that member bands of PanTrinbago would reply "You are welcome!"

I am quite sure that member bands of PT are hopeful that the members of the NVPF continue to show their heartfelt and heartiest thanks, by discontinuing their matters (re: the appeal against the Persona non Grata) that's before the Courts.

If NVPF have already discontinued these matters,let me say a heartfelt and heartiest, THANK YOU! 


Oswald Alexander

Today is Thanksgiving in Canada and this news is certainly something to be thankful for, I hope something was learnt from all this.

Cecil: Don't celebrate too soon. Today is Columbus Day in the USA and I am sure that Mr. Diaz will discover a new way to keep the NEW VISIONARIES at bay.

Claude, if delegates took up the mantle and speak out now, I believe they will do it again anytime it's needed.

Cecil: You grow up in town and you play pan and yuh lime and you develop a good understanding of DESPERATION in T&T. Keith Diaz is a man driven by DESPERATION and if you fully understand that then you will understand that DELEGATES doh mean nothing to KEITH DIAZ. (That is like telling me that IRAN signed a peace treaty not to build a nuclear bomb so they will honor the agreement and NOT build  bombs and NOT share DIRTY BOMBS with Islamic Terrorists who will eventually explode them in New York City. Yeah!!! Dem and Diaz will play by the rules!)

Where were your delegates  from 2012 to 2015? Plus, at this point, Diaz is a better choice than Beverly, anyway. And I would like Oswald Alexander to expand on that QUID PRO QUO a little bit.

Claude My Bro. Times are Changing but Mentalities are Not. For Years Steelbands - their Members and Followers have been Crying Fowl on Pantrinibago. They Keep Silent and do Nothing about the Situation. Whenever an Expat try to Open up their Minds to help Solve the Problems they get angry, saying things like Who in the Kitchen does feel the Heat and other Remarks. The Reason that Expats give their Two Cents Worth is that We see things from a Different Perspective. We are not Better than Our Compadres in Sweet Trinbago, We just have a Better View of the Situation and Mean Well. We all want what is Best for the Pan and Pan People in Trinbago. Peace & Love!


"We just have a Better View of the Situation"

Can you please share the elixir for a better PT with those who have a lesser view and hopefully you would open up a few minds in the Mecca and also those in London,New York and Canada who seem to be at wits ends to keep their Steelbands body and soul together.

CLAUDE GONZALES......leave ME out of you and Cecil kankar.....ah eh getting involve in dat.


Diaz is looking for some new friends.  He needs to show some success.  He needs some wins badly. He wants to go legit. There is a new Prime minister in town. It getting hard for old gangstas. 

His Africa initiative was failure. Chief Bowie and crew are sure ready to release some lions on any Pan Trinbago official if they land on the continent of Africa. By the way I notice Chief Bowie has a movie out. And Diaz is not in it. What a ting? http://www.pan.tt/re-percussions/

In fact the documentary was just named  WINNER 2015 Best Trinidad & Tobago Documentary Feature.  All this after Diaz tried to take the man's company and bad mouth him.

I think everyone would agree that the Pool was one of the dumpiest ideas in the history of man.

And the "$greens$" is a subject no one talks about.

There has been no real feedback about the International Panorama. Only person who spoke about the ICP was Pepe Francis. And somebody - I'm not calling any names - made Pepe take back everything he said in an interview with the papers. 

So Claude, did the Diaz teach the Visionaries ah lesson or did the Visionaries teach Diaz ah lesson?


Bugs: Yuh talking as if yuh done win the election and the NEW VISIONARIES running things. In an interview around the time of the ICP, Keith Diaz said that his political agenda as President of Pan Trinbago is to get UWI to start  a masters degree in music that offers the steelpan as a major.

Now you know that such a legacy will take quite a few years to implement. So I fully expect to see Keith Diaz in office pursing this vision as we roll out of the second decade of this century and into the third.

We (TEAM DIAZ) have already taught the NEW VISIONARIES many lessons. And we have many more to teach them.

There is BIG SLATE and SMALL SLATE. We are the BIG SLATE. Doh worry about our relationship with the NEW PRIME MINISTER; he already promised to provide us with a NEW HEADQUARTERS in TONG!!! So we are off to a good start.

Well, well,well

I might be mistaken but I think at least four previous prime ministers have promised Pan Trinbago a headquarters.

Rumors have it the boys on the hill are not pleased with Diaz using them as his home address in order to remain a member of Pan Trinbago. There doesn't seem to be any benefits for Desperadoes in this arrangement. Again, this is just a rumor.

So the question Claude is do Diaz and the gang have another band to sponsor them. It would be very unfortunate for Diaz to be declared "PERSONA NON GRATA". And worst to become unqualified to even run again if the elections were held because he can't meet the minimum requirements..


 Bugs.You are not mistaken ,previous PMs have promised many things, but the present PM was once a Flagman for Invaders. He does know a thing or two about Pan. There is hope.


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