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Ah weeping
Ah bawling
Mih belly tearing
All that emotion I showing for Pan?
Yes! All for Pan - a gift from the creator’s own hand
It seems like some people still do not understand,
The power of the Pan, the sticks and the human hand
All them pioneers turning in their grave, because with their blood, sweat and tears a foundation for us they laid
People taking major decision on panorama without asking member bands permission
That is dictatorship in action once you put POOL without in-depth discussion
Today they put Pan in nuff confusion and plenty botheration
Since that megalomaniac man controlling the organization
Pocket first to hell with steel band is their new slogan
Not PANorama to make money is MONEYrama to kill panorama in yuh kankalang
Nothing wrong with making millions and millions
But why the Greens and now a Pool to splash in the midst of the celebration
That is interfering with Pan Man concentration plus they have to play Pan to an empty Grand stand
Why a massive crowd to the back of the pan man with north stand rhythm section and now a massive pool for the indifferent to splash and jam in a section
Last year on the stage ah was in a rage ah get vex with members while setting up the band
The rhythm section from the north stand was overpowering the DJ that was playing we rendition “Keshorn The Javelin Champion”
The players started with a gyration causing them to forget their real intention
Feters head nice with all kind of concoction they not interested in pan after pan after pan
So instead of doing something for pan as Boogsie Sharpe asked
They doing something else for the people who feteing behind the back of the Pan Man
SPLASH the PANORAMA DROWN ..................Pass some tissues please ah still crying.

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Gimmie some tissues too, it's all because of the Fool and the Pool.

Cecil you have more crying to come. Just wait till Diaz steps into the pool wearing his string bikini, cigar in mouth and declare the pool open for business tomorrow.


Aye Bugs,

If this man could manipulate judges, lawyers and politicians I think that he should be the next Prime Minister of the Mecca.

He may have the Pool but he ain't no Fool.

Nice poetic stand, Beverley.

Now you have to subdue the emotion, dry your crying eyes and take a POLITICAL STAND.

You doing 'Bago proud. They can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people, some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time. PanTrinbago begs for a New Vision!

VERY NICE LITERARY EFFORT,   Ms Ramsey-Moore !  Thank you for such eloquence.

Just am so sorry it needed to be said.  That is a shame.

I am crying too...here in foreign !

  • Here is one solution - start thinking about, and looking for a new venue for Panorama 2015.  Because there is money involved, they are going to continue bringing circus acts to disrupt the Panorama.  Their cards are already on the table - learn to read the situation.   No one in authority cares enough about Panorama  to say "NO" to this insanity.  The flood gates are now open for all those who do not "LIKE" Panorama to drown the programme. WAKE UP and act accordingly.  It is too late for this year, but you can take a stand for next year.  Forget the Savannah - it has been sold to the highest bidder.

Get the steelband movement to take over the reins of PT with a new vison that has pan at its core. Build a Steelpan-centric economy. Build PT HQ finally and build a Steelpan AmpiTheatre, surround-sound-enhanced, to hold Steelpan and like-minded custural events. When Steelpan not in motion, it can be rented out to Pool Splashing party enthusiasts...

Well said Beverley in true fiddler style

“Not PANorama to make money is MONEYrama to kill panorama in yuh kankalang.”

Love it, Love it, Love it! This is a real CLASSIC!!  My issue was/is what all this money made is used for?

The money goes to the Foundation to support Diaz Lifesyle.

It is time to start calling for an investigation into Mr Diaz finances.

Every day allyuh bashing Diaz and allyuh bashing Andy ... but at the end of the day is still Diaz ruling the WORLD GOVERNING BODY OF PAN and ANDY ruling the WORLD PROMOTION OF PAN MUSIC.

Dem judges will be hard pressed to put Andy in the finals today with all the RACE TALK going on from this forum to the attendees of the GREENS.


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