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Trinidad All Stars - 2011 Large Band Conventional Category Champions

Congratulations to Trinidad All Stars - 2011 Large Band Conventional Category 


click for Panorama 2011 Results: Large Band category -http://www.panonthenet.com/tnt/2011/results/2011summaryresults.htm#...

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Robbery with violence!!!!!!   Something has to be done about the adjudicators.  They are going from bad to worse!!!!  All Stars played well but definitely not better than Exodus, Phase2, S.Stars, and Invaders.   This is madness with a capital M!!   Das all I am going to say.

Trinidad All Stars Panorama Champs 2011, who doh like it BITE US, 2 million. The fat lady has sung.


agreed with Char Burgess....But like Andy Narrell said "nothing will ever change until those doing the judging and the governing body that controls them changes".  Unfortunately this is going to stifle the young talent. I'm left scratching my head at this one.  I was in the company of well seasoned - panyard kids who are now at music College you can only imagine the comments from these kids - but when you have kids that grew up listening to and studying various arrangers and Pan music over the years - they can pick out a band by the sound and style and arrangement of the band - but if the arrangement sounds like something they did before - there is a problem. 


I'm surprised and I'm not drunk.I thought they peaked in prelims.I guess dey owe dem for Curry Tabanca.
This is much more disturbing considering the prize money.

There willl always be doubters non believers


Worse yet, there will always be people with ears.
Congrats to both winners of the medium size bands and an extra special congrats to the Valley Harps Steel-Orchestra. They have made the valley proud.. Mrs.Watts, thanks for staying with this band over the years and for leading them to the mountain top.

*****Congrats to Trinidad All Stars.......De 1st Million dollar band AND de 1st 2 Million dollar band. We set the bar from the #1 position and left them in the dust!!!!!!!!

Congrats to all the players for their dedication to Practice, Practice, Practice, Practice!!!!!!!!!!!!

if we look back at history we would have known that allstars was going to win panorama. the reason i say this is because everytime there is an increase in the first price money for panorama allstars always wins so tying silver stars and phase 11 in the semies was just a mamaguy so who vex lost allstars my band won so you all think any johnny come lately band was going to win that 2 mil its only veterans winning these 2mil  if you don't believe me look at the trend it have already started chutney rikki jai veteran soca monarch machel panorama allstars veteran and dimanche gras another veteran is going to win and i know who but would not say at this time
All who saying robbery open yuh ears and listen.


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