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Trinidad under water while San City's We Three Kings Concert/Theatre production was heavily attended.

Trinidad under water while San City's We Three Kings Concert/Theatre production was heavily attended.


by Aquil Arrindell


"I went prepared for the 3 Kings - pleasantly surprised when I saw 'the whole kingdom' .. Great".

from Stanley West: Whatsapp message.

"Very impressed with youth and ole people's performances".

from Claire Boyce: Whatsapp message.


"concert of school aged children performing to equal any performance on an international stage. By the end I was emotionally riveted to tears by this outstanding event".

Brenda Hosang after viewing the concert on WST. https://whensteeltalks.ning.com/forum/topics/first-class-rendition-...


These are just some of the reviews, on social media, after the show.


Thursday 15th November 2018.

That morning, Aunty Dianne (Ms. Dianne Seukaran), Whatsapped me with concerns about the weather and people's ability to attend. I replied to her “God is good and things will turn out okay”. For some reason in my mind, I had the belief that he has been guiding me and He has been protecting me at every step in my life's journey. Around 3 pm that afternoon until show time, the rain held up, and from reports, it held up in San Fernando alone, as the rest of the country drowned. The show was well attended.


The weather had no effect on the show once it started, as the venue was the San Fernando City Hall auditorium, complements our mayor, Mr. Junia Regrello. That auditorium is one of the finest in the country. Heavy drapery all around, beautiful overhead design and a number of chandeliers of different sizes carefully placed to have that grand effect. The stage was a little tight and the stage lighting was a flaw in the show as the overhead lights only work for on and off. The audio mix on the band was not perfect but it was decent enough so that the audience could enjoy the show and that they did.


The audience was welcomed with the sounds of King’s Row Retro Riddim, a single pan bad. The first half of the production was presented in a typical concert format. It featured members of San City in different capacities as soloists, duets and small ensemble which was explained to be the first of the Trinity Experience. In that set, Ms Davian St Clair, featured as a singer with one of the members. The next part of the Trinity Experience was the Three Kings. Although they were all pannists, they were three totally different entertainers. They are the three most expressive pannists and animated steel pan players in the pan community right now. Aquil Arrindell described himself as the wedding player/ love man, Akinola Sennon as the heavy kaiso/ jazz player and Dane Gulston as the man of flair. Just as Mr Arrindell described, they all executed their forte with a high level of professionalism and passion.


The second half of the show, which was the third and final Trinity Experience, was a theatre production played out by the members of San City. The play was entitled Culture of the Pan Yard. The back story was that at the pan yard, the members were rehearsing for an upcoming concert. The play reinforced that the pan yard is a place where the culture of discipline is practiced. The play also touched on a bit of pan politics and the disgruntled pan players who cannot get paid for work done since 2018 January. At the end of the play, San City performed one of its most renowned pieces, Adele's ‘Sky Fall’.


Theatre production for San City is not new as they may be one of the first bands to ever successfully present a theatre production with the players themselves playing the music for the show and acting out their respective roles as well. The first theatre production by San City was done in 1998. It was called Pan Man Blues and was written and directed by Mr Anthony De Caires.


Due to this show's great success, there are now calls for it to be featured in Port of Spain. Does the band have the capacity to pull it of in the north? It would be interesting to see. But for now, congrats on a successful show.


Aquil Arrindell


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Im sure members of the new executive of PAN Trinbago graced your concert with their presence. Absolutely wonderful gesture, I suppose. You may have forgotten to mention them?

Yes, Gerard Mendez.... CIP member and now the treasure of Pan Trinbago. He  bought a ticket and came and supported the show. 

Really solid solider. 



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