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Tripoli ( Esso Trinidad Steelband) was nominated for a Grammy Award in 1971

A former member of Tripoli (Esso Trinidad Steelband) Caspar Durant (Mr Quads) sent me this information that Tripoli was indeed nominated for a Grammy Award way back in 1971. I was unaware of this and found this to be historic and decided to post, it to bring an awareness to people like myself who was unaware of this achievement. This is fantastic so we have already been there ... but as far as I know we have never again gotten to that pinnacle ... or have we? ....  

This is a follow up to the post "PAN IN THE GRAMMY AWARD? ...HUH!"

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Salah, I am surprised that this is news to you. Myself and Mr. Hugh Borde's son, Emile "Spiceman" Borde, have shared this on WST. What is disappointing, is that people are recommending that we interview all kinds of "pan pioneers", but not one suggested that we interview Mr. Hugh Borde. Why? Why not seek interviews from this leader, or Othello Molineaux? Why are these two pioneers shunned by this WST forum? What is ironic, is that many who profess to be "historians" on WST, actually get their info from the event that Mr. Hugh Borde has been hosting for years in Belmont for steelband pioneers. Esso Tripoli appeared on major US television shows, including the Ed Frost Show and the Ed Sullivan Show. All of these accomplishments, and no WST "historian" highlights these major accomplishments. Anyway, hopefully Mr. Borde will receive the honor he deserves before he leaves us; which is more than I can say about my dad. The steelband community owes Mr. Hugh Borde MUCH MORE respect that has been given to him. To this day, he continues to promote the steelbands in the United States. I have heard that prior to seeing Esso Tripoli, Mr. Andy "Last Word" Narell, did not even know how to wrap a pan stick. Now, this foreigner, is revered by many as the "Messiah", who came with his "Revelation" (Las Word), to save the pan world from itself. Absolutely RIDICULOUS!!! Time to embrace OUR Heroes and Sheroes! Time to honor and support our own National Patriots! (As we can see, the American "Jews", like Narell, have no problem with being recognized and awarded. After all, they control the US music industry.)

Ghost. Same philosophy; different attitude.

well Mr Borde is the BIGGEST pan pioneer in my little life...  it was that North American tour where i first heard and saw pan, as a little American kid carried to the shows by my mom.  It was Esso Tripoli that changed my whole life, forever. It's because of them that i am a panwoman today. Mr Borde has my HUGEST respect.


Ghost, I am aware that Esso Tripoli was seen by Liberace at the Montreal Expo `67 World`s Fair and took them on a three year tour of the US and that they covered many cities and big shows, but I was unaware of the Grammy Award nomination .It must have slipped me back then. 

I do agree that people like Hugh Borde should be given the important and necessary recognition that he deserves while he is still walking amongst us. He comes to the Toronto Panorama annually as an adjudicator.

No problem, Salah. What is interesting to note, is that after Expo '67, came Caribana. In other words, the steelbands of Trinidad and Tobago, are what influenced this annual event in Toronto, even though other aspects of our Carnival are given more appreciation and exposure. As they say, "steelbands sow...others reap". Ghost.

The Caribana in Toronto first started with the Steelband ...there was no DJ nor brass band only pan as the main source of entertainment....... unfortunately it is being sidelined today just like in T&T

BTW Ghost I sent you an email under Ayodele did you get it?


Why don't you interview Tello for us, I would like to hear about the days when he, Lennox Church, Luther Cuffy and the rest did their thing in Silver Stars j'ouvert morning.

Cecil, Emile Borde and I, have the blessings of Tello's love, support, and trust. Just like the old days; my dad got to interview many pioneers, that would not have given anyone else the time of the day, much less to sit down and be interviewed. Again, "membership has its privileges", and while others continue to be on the outside looking in, persons like Emile and myself ( like our dads), get up close and personal, in ways that the other "distinguished historians" only hope they can.

So, Emile and I have been interviewing Tello, but I realize that giving away info on WST for free is not appreciated, so there will be a price tag for anything we share from now on. Or, you can have Robert Saldenha contact him. What both Emile and I know is that Tello will be more open to the two of us, than he will be to most who try to get him to talk.

Finally, to the "Ghost-haters"; you have NO affect on the success of the town hall meeting. We continue to receive great support from people who matter, and the success of the meeting is TOTALLY INDEPENDENT of this WST membership. After the meeting, I will be going into a hiatus, as I prepare to continue work on my dad's book, as well as other projects that we have lined up. So, while others are minding my business, they can be assured that I am also in that mode: MINDING MY OWN BUSINESS! Enabling these immature, envious posters on WST, does more harm to this forum, than it does to me or my efforts. My team is SOLID and FOCUSED! In all actuality, the pokes that I get on WST, are like "white noise" (no pun intended). Ghost.


Maybe Tello want people to hear HIS STORY too. Most people on WST appreciate your contribution, why allow two or three to throw you off center? 

I should be asking those who "appreciate" my contribution, why do they "allow two or three" to add nothing but chaos and confusion? Make NO mistake; I am more "centered" than I've ever been! Again, I have other outlets, and I do not depend on WST for any of my future successes. I gave unselfishly without cost. So, those who want to hear Tello's story, can seek it out themselves, or have one of your "distinguished historians" get the story for you. Again, MLK reminded us that the "appalling silence" of the "good people" is just as dangerous as the "vitriolic words and actions" of the "bad people". Too many on WST, get away with disrespecting the contributions of others, because their immature little egos are hurt. Big, grown men, acting like a bunch of little boys, and they try to sell that as "good humour". Again, there are agents of mass destruction on WST, who have NO other agenda, but to engage in personality clashes. They get away with it, so I assume that the WST membeship must be more appreciative of their contributions, than they are of mine. My mom always warned me that, "cockroach have no right in front of fowl", and I have come to accept that WST is the yard fowls' domain. Again, when my job on WST is done, this "Ghost" will disappear forever, and that should make all the WST old fowls (make that cocks) happy enough to crow. Cuck-a-doodle-doo! Shameful, to have one or two agents destroy, what could have been a great opportunity for WST to live up to its ideals. No wonder why, WST lost contributors like Khalick J. Hewitt. REMEMBER: You NEVER miss the water, 'til the well runs dry. So, again, get your interviews from those you respect, and consider as "distinguished". Obviously, I am neither.

The reality is this; I am more of a value to WST, than all of these agents of mass destruction, chaos, lies and deceit, who will continue to bring down the quality of discussions in this group. So, while they talk about "racial animus", their words expose them for the N-Word hating, UNC supporting, PNM=Black=crime promoting, Indian-culture loving, White boy admiring, scum that they are. (I can say "scum", right?) They might fool you, and try to project their own racist views, but again, their words reveal their true, yellow-belly identities. Want facts? Listen to "False Papers" by Bodyguard; there are enough "facts" there, you instigator!

BLACK SELF LOVE DOES NOT EQUATE TO HATE FOR OTHERS, UNLESS WE HAVE TO HATE OURSELVES TO PROVE THAT WE LOVE OTHERS!!! (What an illiterate, this agent is. Oh, "more than two pans is noise". The NERVE of this fool!)

Ghost. Same philosophy; different attitude. 

George, This Forum is bigger that any of us.

Pan Times can you all do an interview with Mr Hugh Borde, we all would like to hear HIS STORY.

OK I would try to do that interview with him next time I see him in Toronto ..of course ..it will have to be after the Panorama LOL  because he is an adjudicator and I am an "adjudicatee"

But someone else can also catch him in T&T for the Rama



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