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Ray HolmanTrinidad & Tobago, W.I. - Ray Holman, esteemed composer, arranger and pan player is bringing back the old time days with his first annual Christmas 2011 musical presentation, “A True Trini Christmas” on Thursday December 8 at 6.30 pm at the newly remodelled Little Carib Theatre.

He says, “This show is being billed as a “True Trini Christmas Show”, therefore patrons can expect to hear all genres of Christmas music that we Trinis enjoy hearing at Christmas time.” 

He added that patrons will be treated to an evening filled with parang and Christmas Carols as the musical journey will be filled with traditional favourites, as well as some recent Christmas compositions by him. 

....Holman said of his first annual concert, “I am very excited about this Christmas project which allows me to share with the public the Christmas music that we all love. I will be introducing Christmas compositions of my own which will be sung by some of my special guests.”
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Ray, all the best on this venture from your Dominican 'pan fans' Fae & Athie.     Wish that we could be there to share and feel the excitement.  It will be  nostalgic for sure.

I really wish I could be there to experience this  music, I hope someone will record it...I wouldn't hesitate to buy a DVD of the event.

I am sure this event will be a great success.

Ditto....Wish I cd b there to enjoy & experience this venture.  I wish U 'bring the house down' success.  Please do have a DVD of the evening.....I will purchase -- most of us away from home will.

Hi Ray,

Wish I could be there for the concert. When you have some free time after the show let's chat awhile.



Give Thanks! All Success Ray!Glad yuh puttin' De. Carib tuh good use,smile.We need to Support and 'Build' our Venues! I was jus' chattin' wit' David McBurnie out here(Oakland,California),and he told meh de Carib is doin' real Good! *Do you have 'Tapes' of:- *The Bull;*Queen of The Band(s);;*Pan On De Move;*Pan On De Run; (Starlift)/*We Kinda Music;*Panyard Vibrations(PanDemonium)/ *Pan In Meh System(Invaders)...Full 'Panorama' Versions? Ah li'l biased because I played...and thoroughly enjoyed an' Love Dem, Smie...and would Truly love tuh hear/get copies. **Add:- *The Bull;*Bluesette;*Penny Lane(Starlift)/*Pan Woman(Exodus)..and you have:-"PAN POWER!"..A Collector's Item!(Box-Set).Now these would be the "Original" performances! I would Gladly Purchase/ Promote Prefer 10%,buh would settle fuh 5,fuh de Ideas'..Smile.All Love and Blessings to you,de Famaly And Extended Trinbago Famaly! Ah Know de Carib cyah hol'. De Crowd dat will come through...so prepare tuh extend into Carnaval Season! ASE! Eimail: pan_ase@hotmail.com

Ray, Pan people all over the world love you and the music, ah video of the show would be nice. I know this show would be a success because of the respect people have for you. I'm glad to see " D Lil Carib" is still around and not torn down and replaced with ah condo. lol  

I agree I believe it would be a great idea to make a video of the show and make it accessable for patrons to purchase..

Love you and your music

Ray - I'm sure this will be wonderful. Wish we could be there! Don & Betty

I have just returned from Ray's True Trini Christmas Show. What a beautiful way to spend an evening.

The show was just GREAT  Good SHOW RAY, VERY GOOD SHOW. All the Best in the future.


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