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Samuel Abraham was a Trinidadian by birth and he was popularly known by the sobriquet, ‘Brigo.’ His singing career began in the 1960’s and continued for almost five (5) decades after. ‘Brigo,’ famous for performing a number of original compositions and for his unmatched ability to contort his face to convey his stories, gave back in innumerable ways. 

His outstanding work with young and upcoming artistes and his recent work in the ‘Det’ commercials have placed him as one of Trinidad and Tobago’s true veterans.

Some of his memorable Calypsos include: “Doh Beat Mama Popo,” “Limbo Break,” “Do So Doh Like So and “Voodoo Man.” 

At 76 years old, his battle with Alzheimer’s disease came to an end as he passed away at the Port-of-Spain General Hospital on the 16th May, 2017. Our collective thoughts and prayers go out to his bereaved fans and loved ones.

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Sad news indeed. Just several years back I had a conversation with Brigo and he seemed in good shape, cognitively and otherwise. Thanks for the music Brigo!

Edwin Ayoung

There is a sector in Trinidad & Tobago that still look down at Calypso & Calypsonians like in the old days when there where signs in PIARCO AIRPORT saying NO DOGS & CALYPSONIANS ALLOWED - Calypsonians & Calypso are still treated with scorn in Trinidad - LOOK HOW SAD WAS BRIGO'S DEATH - nobody cares

Rest in Peace, BRIGO!!!

Very sad loss! Condolences to family, friends and Calypso/Pan community. Brigo the legend, we will miss you greatly.

Pretty soon I will be all alone.  All my buddies in the business are dropping one by one.. My consolation however is that as they pass on new youngsters are taking on the role as leaders and thanks to WST communication is no longer a problem.. R.I.P. Brigo, job well done, you can rest peacefully knowing that you have inspired many..


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