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Two million views in 2 days - What about the steel orchestra?

This Ohio State marching Band video of "Michael Jackson Tribute" generated well over two million views in 2 days. There are many, many similarities between the marching bands (church drum and bugle corp) and the steelbands of the last century. From Earth Wind and Fire to many of the great calypsonians and arrangers -  the drum and bugle corp was (and still is) the only way generations of poor black people had free access to music instruments. The marching bands run deep in black music and dance traditions.

Can a steel orchestras generate such interest in the near future?

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Our carnival could have been a good platform but sadly in the Mecca they pushed the steelband aside and is running behind the big truck.

Now my faith lies with US universities using their steelband as a marching band in

a competition, I think this could be big, there is nothing like collage competition in the US.

Check out the annual military tattos and you'll see marching bands featuring pan from the police and military of TnT http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=etuFuRPxVnY and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MGmU-XKuD88 and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Ve10R1rmL8 among others

Very cool, Wayne!

Nice...  Such a feat could be "orchestrated" for a steelband.  So far, there is one such player/instrument which has gone "viral", with more to soon come, so stay tuned...

Look at trouble here ... the E-PAN ruling the ROOST.

well, look at ting...  careful how all e-pan fanatics mention that. if u name is someone chupid ike salmon and u mention electro-pans u get heat for marketing, yet others try to ride the wave with their own promotion and not a word...  is a good ting nikki minaj plugged (for less than a minute) the phi, otherwise she would have never get 2million hits, lol...  but no worry, freddy do he ting with the e-pan and get 1million hits which no other steelpananist get yet...  and reports is that Freddy is cool with Mr.Cupid, despite what dem jumbie spirits talking about... if freddy come again, he will be sure to go viral, ah waiting to see...


D KIng


What it takes is for one talented videographer to create one helluva spectacular video that screams out to every viewer 'share me with your friends and make me go viral in the world.' That particular video will come without warning as more and more people 'document' PAN - the family of instruments and the players. It would be extra nice if the talent is found in a Trinbagonian and extra, extra nice if it is one of the many young people who are involved with and in PAN. A little incentive may just speed up the process. 'Ent PanTrinbago.

An interesting perspective Kelvin. In the above marching band video it was the performance that made it go viral. The actual videography was average to sub-par.  Have you given any thought to what the context or circumstances of this video might be? Soloist? Ensemble? Orchestra? Panorama? University?

Its all about marketing, although I am pretty sure that the producers did not plan on being a YouTube hit. Pan industry and pan performance needs strategic marketing to move the industry up a notch. Nikki Minaj featured TnT (and the PHI) last year .. she now has a little less than 100M views. Pretty sure she debuted at 1.4M on day 1.

First off. Lets say Thank God the PHI made the cut. The director Benny Boom was HIGHLY upset he had to come to T&T (Which was mainly due to a political push) to film the video. The steel pan NEEDS to move out of the YELLOW BIRD, and Carnival mindset (in the minds of Foreigners). When we can do that, then we will be moving somewhere. Maybe, a new version of something like THIS...


A new version of this would create 2 million hits? You got to be kidding me! Where is the world of excitement here? This is what Nikki used very well to her advantage!!

Hence the reason i said NEW VERSION.... Just a title alone - 500 Steel drums Play Hallelujah Chorus will give you virality. Then the WAY it is presented is also critical. And what is excitement for you may not be excitement for many persons. lol A couple ppl who looked at the Marching video and were bored. Again, there are simple elements. Do you know what is a VINE? It s 6-7 SEC video that gets millions of views with people doing the most random things. Excitement? I think not. Funny? Possibly, most times yea. Unique? The best ones ARE. 


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