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Two million views in 2 days - What about the steel orchestra?

This Ohio State marching Band video of "Michael Jackson Tribute" generated well over two million views in 2 days. There are many, many similarities between the marching bands (church drum and bugle corp) and the steelbands of the last century. From Earth Wind and Fire to many of the great calypsonians and arrangers -  the drum and bugle corp was (and still is) the only way generations of poor black people had free access to music instruments. The marching bands run deep in black music and dance traditions.

Can a steel orchestras generate such interest in the near future?

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This is very, very  interesting Jeston.

MILEY CYRUS is THE EXCITMENT in that video coming in with her millions of fans in tow. When we hear SPARROW or PANORAMA -- EXCITEMENT begins for us even before the performance begins.

Key words there: FOR US... A million or more views on Youtube would mean we Need to expands outside the traditional Steelband fraternity viewership. Which is why i said we NEED a universal element. More than just T&T or the Caribbean.

Well the Pan is already Universal, so there is no problem here!

well said Jeston Lett

Jeston: Especially if the NEW VERSION is released some time around the end of November and gets to run through the CHRISTMAS EXCITEMENT. It will be on TV, Radio, Cell Phone and Internet all at once.

1000 Pans tried their best at a premier big city event.

Firstly, let me state that there is NO 100% formula YET found for creating a viral video. However, some key factors include, Originality, Unique Content, Universality. Was it original? Some elements maybe. Was the content unique? Yes. The choreography / formations,etc Was it universal? Ammmm, it's MJ. High quality videography ranks very low on the list of adding virality to a great online vid. Another key factor is having a UNITED base for it to be shared. So you have MJ fans, SHARE. OHIO Students, SHARE. Bandies (people that play or would have played in marching bands) SHARE. Side note - 2 million views doesn't mean 2 million PEOPLE looked at the vid, it just means it was VIEWED 2 million times. so if one person really loves a video they can look at it 1000 times, it doesn't mean 1000 ppl looked at it. Finally, if you look at the video from youtube, you'll see that most of their other videos are under 10,000 views. The only videos to gain more are MJ Tribute, Disney Tribute, etc. Ohhh.. Keep in mind this WASNT a competition. Let's start there. lol

Grambling State University Tigers, FAMU, Morgan State (the Historically Black Colleges and Universities) popularized the "marching band" by adding the dance (steps)!   Let us not forget the very beautiful cheerleaders!

First Steelpan player to get 1 000 000 hits Freddy on the EPAN


While this is great. And i not sure if this was a dispute, the argument was really about HOW fast it happened. Making a video truly VIRAL. Freddy video has been up since 2010 around there. We talking about, what can get us to a million views in about a week (if so much).

unless a steel band with all 100 players can levitate 6ft off the ground in panorama that will never happen they will never get 1 000 000 hits in 2 days . The people of Trinidad and Tobago do not love Pan that much and the rest of the world do not understand what the hell we play so there is no amazing factors there to look at or hear, so they will not SHARE it causing it to go VIRAL .


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