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Two million views in 2 days - What about the steel orchestra?

This Ohio State marching Band video of "Michael Jackson Tribute" generated well over two million views in 2 days. There are many, many similarities between the marching bands (church drum and bugle corp) and the steelbands of the last century. From Earth Wind and Fire to many of the great calypsonians and arrangers -  the drum and bugle corp was (and still is) the only way generations of poor black people had free access to music instruments. The marching bands run deep in black music and dance traditions.

Can a steel orchestras generate such interest in the near future?

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Jeston, i understand you are a film-maker? well f.y.i. that video which went viral in no time at all (not that it matters in that regard the way social media spreads) was unknown for a steelpan video...  because of the new technology used (e-pan) and the crack-shot steelpannist Freddy, the word spread both inside/outside the steelpan fraternity... this was done in the same fashion many video posters do with a certain level of amateur efforts, tape it and post in to social media and let it cook til it get viral like a flu bug...  like we said both freddy, salo and others have mpre to come and time will telll, so grab u camera and consider fliming freddy (professionally) if u get the chance... peace...  http://whensteeltalks.ning.com/profile/FreddyHarris3

PanKing, not sure if you ever had the privilege to see the Magical Illusions of Canaduian Doug Henning (R.I.P.)   I met him as a youth liming in Montreal, back in the day...  He used to hang out (with another Canuk, Howie Mandel doing his comedy), where he used to perform Street Magic Tricks in a poplular Disco Club called Oz on Guy Street.  Doug astounded partrons outside the club (waiting in queue) and eventually he and Howie were callked inside.  Doud got the name Wizard of Oz!!!  He was one of the first to levitate and was hired by self-same Michael Jackson and Earth, Wind & Fire to create sectacular magic on stage while they were on tour back in the 70's and 80's...  I have been thinking about just this and hoping one of the steelbands in T&T use just that kind of trick in their Panorama Final Performance...  Yes, I want them to play music to blow their minds, but I also want showtime to dazzle them so it would go viral, count on it.  Then again, some insist we keep it simple...  Respect!!!

Pan King, i wasnt disputing the video that was put up and i know freddy we attended Flo Mo together. We've played together. I was going to add that because of the combination of things within that video would secure its virality. The E-Pan being the Biggest factor. However, you may be on to something with the freddy aspect. May be cool to get a few folks (soloist) together to do sum. Him, Duvonne, etc.. Interesting..

Mr. Lett you have been providing some very interesting food for thought. Please do not get derailed by the E Pan hijackers.  These obnoxious people turn every thread into a promotion for the E Pan. I really appreciate your thoughts on this subject. They have been refreshing. Pan has a bright future with people like you in the forefront.

Well said Pan Woman.

Cecil: This has been one of the best discussions in a very long time in terms of courtesy and civility. And most of all because everybody stayed on topic until the specific product promotion stepped in.

I agree with you there Pan Woman, these E-Pan Hijackers always trying to ShowUp the E-Pan and ShowDown the Acoustic Pan.

Where have you been, Bede? Yuh miss ah real nice discussion!!!

Ohh is that what going on there? lol Wow... Well then that's not cool at all.. 

Mr Lett,

Instead of selecting "bands" (your issue #2), why not determine size of each band section, then advertise nationwide for required qualified tenor, guitar, bass etc. pan players to be selected via an appropriate pan audition. If you further specify that applicants be in T&T high school or colleges----costs would be less while quality attained. 500 youths rocking PAN is excitement!!

good point. however, we'll still be faced with a selecting of instruments issue. Remember we not talking about 15-20 players here.. But that point is verrryyyyy valid though.. you guys getting me excited.. lol

Jeston: It's starting to look like a GUINNESS BOOK OF RECORDS event also. Most steeldrum players to ever play one song together.


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